Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I confess, I'm becoming frightening, even to myself

I get these updates from this guy who made the move to an off the grid place somewhere in Colorado. My brother (of COURSE) turned me onto his blog, sometimes just for the laughs. He's strange by multi-faceted perspectives (uh, the guy, not my brother...really), but hey, he DID what he said he was going to do and how many people actually achieve that (and that IS my brother...getaway to Somewhere!)? Not many, my friends...and overall, he's learning, trial and error and paranoia working together...

Anyway, this was from his post tonight. As anyone who has read my blog for long knows, I have a big attitude about the fact of how many things are NOT made in America anymore and all the whiners blaming it all on illegal immigrants instead of on the owners of the very corporations that screwed blue collar workers way before anyone even gave a damn about illegal anything or anyone. How much is that tomato in the window? So of course, while I'm bringing yet MORE bad karma (check comments) on myself, and I'm not happy someone died in such a despicable manner...well, sometimes you get what you ask for - I guess karma works both ways...at least I hope so!

I just think it is incredibly interesting that as so many of America's jobs have gone to China and India, it has been long enough for them to wise up and start asking for what...gee! American workers asked for and the jobs got sent to - China and India! What third-er/fourth world country will get suckered in next?


Posted: 28 Jul 2009 01:29 PM PDT

If American workers would have done this 20 years ago this country would still have an industrial infrastructure and millions of manufacturing jobs. I really like the way they think.

Mob beats Chinese steel factory executive to death

Thousands of workers had gathered in northeastern rust belt city of Tonghua to protest the takeover of their company and threatened layoffs.

July 27, 2009

Chinese state media confirmed Monday that a steel factory executive was beaten to death after thousands of workers gathered to protest the takeover of their company.

Chen Guojun, an executive at Jianlong Steel Holding Co., died Friday after an angry mob in the northeastern rust belt city of Tonghua beat him and then blocked ambulances from reaching him, according to the China Daily.

The protesters worked at the state-owned Tonghua Iron and Steel Group, which was going to be sold to Chen's privately owned Jianlong Steel. Chen sparked the riot by announcing 30,000 workers would be laid off, the newspaper said.

They dispersed later only after they were assured by authorities the sale would not go through.

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