Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday Monday

A night of rain and thunder and lightning - rare event around here. But the heavy weather is moving off to the northwest, leaving us nicely soggy in its wake. The vegetation and cisterns around the island (and water catchments on boats) are happy this morning.

I was awake while we were coming out of dark thirty when I noticed a glow coming through the not quite shut louvered window...for a few moments the sky was blood orange before returning to grey. Oh how glad I am that my internal alarm is set for early. This shot is about the fourth in maybe a minute of shooting and it was already moving toward fade.

I'm sure there is more I should be rattling on about, but I think this is all for now.


  1. the picture says it all....thanks.

  2. So very beautiful. Ahhhhhhhhhh, what a nice way to start the week.

  3. Beautiful. Just beautiful.