Sunday, November 27, 2011

All Peli's All the Time. Almost.

If you are tired of pelican photos, feel free to leave the classroom and please close the door quietly behind you. See you next time!

Maybe it was the big weather system (that still has not dumped on us - us meaning Culebra, the big island is a different story - but it still has more chances), but fish and birds were having a fine old time all day yesterday, leaping swooping diving jumping, crash and grace tumbling together.

I'd wash the dirt off my hands from moving walkway stones, sawing roots away, pulling more weeds and get the camera once more, after being sure I was done taking shots, except then there would be a volley of splashes, three, four, more and I had to do it again. Compulsions are my friends. Apparently.

These are not pelicans. These are horses drinking from my rain buckets.
While all the other kids were splashing and flying, this one stood for at least two hours, watching. It was sort of sad.
This is not a pelican. It is not a horse either. I can tell from the orange beak.
Almost up!

Oh. Oh. My.

Prehistoric in 2011
Still watching the show
Nice feathers, dude

I am a rock, I am an island
Are you ready to go yet? I need dinner and these things are too big to catch.

And that's pretty much how Saturday went. A book finished, some pavers rearranged, a bit of this and that. Which is how Saturdays should go, sometimes. The expected weather didn't come in, but it was a great reason to stay close to home, where life is good.

Because I was playing in gardens and rocks, this book preview was a great find, via 'Lew Shelterpub." on facebook. Of course, I'll never do anything remotely close to what Jeffrey Bale does, but it was inspiring to see his beautiful work.

Another soother is the video below. I don't have enough words to describe all the feelings evoked by this, and I hope you feel the same.

Have a senses-full Sunday. Do something sating.

(This is dedicated to my fellow pelican lover in Australia, Samela. Who is very much alive!)


  1. Great video! Thanks a bunch. You're right -- there aren't enough words.........
    And keep class open for me -- I can look at pelican pictures everyday! Same goes for waves crashing on rocks.

  2. MJ, where do you see all the horses in your pictures? We have never seen any free roaming ones in all our visits to Culebra. They are the one thing we really enjoyed on Vieques

  3. I thought I already commented on this one...

  4. We don't have nearly the number of wandering horses here as on Vieques (I enjoy them over there too). And most of the ones here that wander are owned by someone(s). The ones you see in my photos are usually around where I live, sometimes out toward Zoni as well. That Mama and baby are regulars now, so much so that I can walk up and pet them whenever I see them. I don't really have any tips for you on where to find them other than that. Good luck next time!

  5. Pat, glad you enjoyed the pics (there will always be more peli pics!) and the video. What a wonderful reminder that the whole world isn't instant minded.

  6. Mark, you DID comment on this one...and I replied. That might have gotten lost when my computer crashed yesterday but I can't find it :( (anyone know of a cheap mac around?!)

  7. "These are not pelicans. These are horses drinking from my rain buckets." LMAO!

    I did ask Lewis if he had any Macs sitting around to gift to you, but sadly, he doesn't have anything that will fit your needs. Remember we downsized and got rid of all unnecessaries. . .

  8. Deb, thanks for asking, and you know I'm a big supporter of downsizing; hooray! The old girl is back to working again, even the track pad came back to life! I do love macs (even when I want to throw it in the bay). It will all work out, everything eventually does (remind me I wrote that). Thanks again!