Wednesday, November 30, 2011

No Water Included

Today's post is about stuff. Stuff you can buy. I don't often mention products, except  products in relationship to cooking. Because cooking is a big interest for me, those mentions usually means a cooking item, like a condiment I really like and that works for me, that I want to share.

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Now I've found something else I really, really like that is about something else that is a big interest for me. My cat. Or rather, the cat who chooses to live with me. If you recall (or even if you don't), I wrote the other day that I had ordered this supposedly ant-proof food bowl for Cwim. Well, it got here. To me and Cwim, it's big, because her old food dish was a smallish, Japanese porcelain bowl, that I set inside a bigger, cereal sized plastic bowl that had soapy water in it to discourage ants. It did. Sometimes. But bits of food would go over the inner bowl and expand and go slimy - that could happen in an hour - and then I guess the ants could jump aboard and into the food. But it was better than nothing. Sort of.

Here is how I'd throw out cat food that is full of tiny little ants. Place bowl between tip of forefinger and tip of thumb. Walk really fast to the little dock. Pick up a stick to scrape out any extra bits of food. Watch the fish come eat it. Repeat way too often, growling.

Walt and Gary fixing up my dock so I don't fall in while feeding the fish
The fish are going to have to fend for themselves now, because that bowl works! I've tempted and teased with canned food and even tuna fish (the all time 'C'mon boys! mount the ramparts!' ant battle cry lure). Nada. Not one. None. Zero. Etc. I made a written promise to Don and Kris when I ordered the bowl; if it worked, I'd be their biggest cheerleader in the Caribbean, because I know I'm not the only one tired of throwing out food/money and dealing with ants around here.  I'm really, really pleased to keep the promise.

I'd add a photo of the slimy, ant-filled icky water but that's just nasty.

I asked Don if they had a smaller bowl for cats. This was his reply:

This is the only size that we offer right now, it's medium size so it can be use in general to all pets. The mold for this bowl was very costly, some point in the future we will mold a smaller size. Some people who feed their cats use a small bowl inside The Mote bowl to raise the food up for their smaller cats or dogs.
As our sales increase we will offer several different sizes.
Thank you, Don
I hope we can do more business in the future, your blog and facebook about the bowl I know will help encourage others to try the bowl.
Thanks again.
I'm going to try the small bowl in the bowl, even though I get to laugh at Cwim each feeding time (she doesn't mind). The bowl is 15.95 with flat rate shipping of 7.99. And worth it.
Small business, personal involvement with the customer, a product that solves a big problem and saves me money, made in the USA. What's not to like? After her initial, what is this giant thing with my food in it??? Cwim is happy and so am I. Just so you know, I don't get paid for this. I just want to get the word out and hopefully get an email from Don and Kris sometime soon that I can order a smaller bowl (as soon as I do, some dog owner friend will get the big one). So check it out. It works.
I wanted to put in the really cute flyer Lawrence made up for the Christmas Flea Market that the library is hosting on Saturday, the 3rd (yep, the same Saturday as the ballet - see? I reminded you!). For some reason, I couldn't get it done, but here's the info anyway. It will be at the library from 9 - 12, It will be mostly gifts for children and a good cause too, so make it if you can! 

And finally, these are not the easiest of times for so many, for so many reasons. Here's what I think.

used with permission
Have a winner of a Wednesday! Do something wonderful.

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