Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Culebra Beauty - cont.

Still too many, but after a big crash here yesterday, I'm going to go with the giving while it's good.

This was Sunday, the last day of holiday weekend, and the biggest raft up I've seen in years

One of these days I will sail on this boat; it's beautiful, it's fast (it was doing loop-de-loops around us when the dinghy engine died) and the captain/builder is one of the best

Not a bad way to look at town
And then it was morning, after the storm

A watery dawning to the west

Fishin' the flats - it was chilly!

And beautiful (you got this one twice because I like it a lot!)

We thought we'd better start rowing in, the clouds were building up again

The sun was really trying, though (and made it, on and off all day)

Boat dog and his driver

Capt. Chris and a lucky client
Now we get to the starfish portion of our show. There were a lot of starfish around for some reason. I wasn't quite awake enough to get my shutter speed faster, so I got some pretty surrealistic photos, water is powerful stuff on the eyes and lens of cameras both. But, I liked, for the most part, the strangeness.

Not starfish

In real life, those two starfish to the right were NOT halding hands

So concludes the show. It is glaringly bright out, the air is a cool 78 degrees. The radar is dotted with bits of rain, but nothing like yesterday. Time to get up and get out!

Have a far more than tepid Tuesday! Do something hinting of two-step.


  1. Here it's rainy, soak up some sun for me!

  2. Shall do. At least your plants and cisterns will be happy!

  3. The Tri-maran looks to be all wind and no drag. Now I have to go find that video from a few years ago...remember the one? Blazing tri-maran blowing by jet skis like they were backing up.

  4. Doug, if I took that video, then this is the tri. You know my memory is a sieve (one aspect of this blog is to help remind me what I did yesterday, and no I'm not kidding). She is so swoopingly elegant!

  5. MJ, this was a highly produced video with sweeping helicopter shots. It opens with a tight shot of a jetski going full-tilt across a bay with some beaches in the distance. As it opens up to a wide angle shot, the tip of the bow of the tri moves into the frame and rapidly overtakes it and leaves it in the foam. Crappy disco sound track, so I'm certain it was no one we know :-)

    BTW, if your Captain has a weakness for bubbly, I have a plan...

  6. Hmmm, I don't remember that one, sounds good though. This tri can do 22 easily, I think it could move under butterfly wings fluttering.

    Cervasa probably would be more to his liking, it's hard to pin him down but I'll ask (I've been trying to fix up a time for YEARS now, this might be the inspiration I need to nail something to the wall)

  7. So beautiful! I deeply regret not being able to make it out to culebra when we were in Luquillo, PR earlier this year. Next year we are for sure coming out there. I must see everything you post on here! Amazing!

  8. Love the surrealistic starfish! Sorry we didn't get to see you; next month. . .

  9. Thank you, Annamarie. The photos are really just a very small taste of the reality. I know you'll love it!

  10. Deb, glad you liked the starfish, warped is our friend! Sorry I didn't get to town, I've been doing the home thing a lot, but next time for sure, and that will be very soon indeed. It's going to be a great December!