Monday, July 22, 2013

After Midnight, It's Monday

Sunday seemed to last about two days long for some reason. There was a lot of day in the day and long in the night. At last though, as ever, the moon and this part of the earth parted visual company, the sun arrived in a timely fashion to break day.

It's a good day to look to night, or at least moon rise, because tonight is known as the Full Buck Moon, as bucks begin to grow their new antlers, and also as the Thunder Moon, as storms light up the sky with lightning and fill the air with orchestral thunder. 

But before the moon rises, the sun goes down.

This isn't the full moon of thunder and newly antlered bucks. It's the almost by a smidge moon that goes uncelebrated officially, but one to take note of just because it is still grand and beautiful.

Moon with No Name

This beautiful old (or replicated old, I don't know) boat has been in front of the ferry dock a few days now. I'm very curious as to its story, but no one is stepping up to the information plate as yet.

I wanted to take a photo from a different angle on the ferry dock, but we're not allowed to access our own dock these days, with fencing worthy of a prison camp and a guard to enforce rules, for no reason I understand any more, now that the major terminal building is complete. So it goes.

Into the day to speed it along until Thunder Full Buck Moon rolls out!

Have a more moon Monday. Do something mindful.


  1. That's the Black Pearl! Captain Jack is somewhere close. Guard your women and treasures. ;-)

    1. I found out earlier today it's the Athena out of St. John, but I'll keep an eye (or both) out for Capt. Jack!