Thursday, July 25, 2013

Back to the Beautiful

It's not easy to maintain a mood of rant when a) it's really hot and humid and anything requiring a massive amount of energy is just too draining and b) there is so much natural distraction around. I'm sure there's a c) in there someplace but why push it?

A living wall of flowers
With fish and fruit everywhere around us, hunger doesn't need to be an option. There are chickens and eggs too, for things most fowl.
The spider lilies are blooming madly, filling the air with their deep musky scent. Oil of spider lily should be on the shelves.  
Plantains are 'almost' ready. Unless you are making something with green plantains, then they are really almost ready.
Have a tensionless Thursday. Do something topsyturvy.


  1. We couldn't make it to Culebra this year and really missed it. Thank you for your post it makes me feel like I am there.

    1. You are hugely welcome and pay me a big compliment if I can do just a little bit of that for you! Hopefully, you'll be back soon.

  2. Your photographs are beautiful and I hope you don't watermark them. I'm sure I'd like to use some of them at some time on my blog and will be very happy to give you credit for them of course.
    I personally give my photos to the world to use and will not sell them, but I would prefer that anyone who does use my images does not use them for commercial gain.
    There is so much wonderful stuff out there and here, on the internet, it's all freely available and it's up to all of us to respect our sources.

    1. I understand your position, though it isn't mine. It is a beautiful world for sure, and sharing it is a good thing. With respect/courtesy as a center, a lot more in the world would be better and more beautiful as well. You know I love your blog!