Tuesday, July 23, 2013

So Green Stun My Eyes

With the on and off continuing rain it seems impossible that there could be more green here, yet it continues to deepen, spread, be riotous in as many shades as the sea is blue. One day I cut back a weedy tree, the next, it seems, I look and there are branches four feet long, leggy with reaching for the sun. Grass is thick where the ground was barren, as surprising as a desert forever and then an oasis.

How many shades of green? Countless.

Periwinkle blue stands out like a beacon, a half inch beacon, but bright enough

I tied this orchid to this tree trunk a few years ago. It had broken off from the mother plant and looked like it was going to die. It didn't.

Remember the desert out here? No more. For now.

A scolding from Mama

If I had brilliant video knowledge, I could, perhaps, capture the undulating light, reflecting back bay water all through the leaves of the mangroves and other plant life. You'll just have to use your imagination.

With water sources abundant, I don't see my hummer friends as often. This one came by a few times this morning and posed a little bit longer; a gift.
Summer is passing through quickly, the end of July racing toward us in heat slogging speed. The days get hotter (though not as hot as up in the states, many days) and we keep our eyes to the east. Weather patterns grow less reliable even while overall the seasons unroll more or less on time, even while exceeding their boundaries more often than not. Maybe it is easier for some of us to adapt, less acclimated to canned air, outside more often than not. Or maybe not, when some days it feels like the air is thicker than breath.

Have a temperately (un)taxing Tuesday. Do something therapeutic.


  1. Excellent photos? How did you get the holes in your screen? What is the bird on the bottom?

    292 ceikdta

  2. I meant Excellent Photos! not Excellent Photos?

    235 roanyxt

    1. Thanks! The bird at the bottom is a hummingbird, an Antillean Crested hummingbird to be precise!

  3. I agree, excellent photos! If your grass keeps growing you'll have to buy a mower. We are getting record rainfall here in Virginia. Can't ever remember having grass this green in late July.

    1. No lawnmower but I will get Walt and Steve over ;)