Friday, July 5, 2013

Free Range Friday ~ Fourth of July

The traditional houseboat 4th of July celebration went off without a hitch, meaning no one got hurt. I'm pretty sure. Unless it was smile face hurt.

I had no idea so many of my friends are also in the witness protection program
Is it really 4th of July if there is no watermelon? We don't believe so.

Oh boy. Just - oh boy.

That little grill put out some great burgers!

After awhile, even the best protected witnesses don't care.

Hostess one more time!

Always amazing food.  (this is the food part, just in case you were wondering).  I want the recipe for the shrimp. I made deviled egg dip, which mystified a few people but disappeared anyway. Just take all the things you'd put in deviled eggs and mash them all up together. It's a cheater food to make but tastes great! Mine had had chopped, almost minced chicken, minced onion, roasted garlic, mayonnaise, salt, pepper and smoked paprika.

More incoming

This little sweetheart is being fostered until taking off for the north country next week.

Zoomyzoomzoom! He went back and forth for hours. Really.

Sure we have homemade ice cream! Crank on, John!

Spoonfully delicious!

Yum! Beer and ice cream, just like pb & j.
I'm pretty sure there was not a sermon going on...maybe just a come to Doug moment

It's okay, Doug, he doesn't bite. Really.

Kai in flight

(yes, the sun DOES shine out of Kai's...)

Happy boy!
The setting sun sent us scattering. Slowly..

Bye! Adios!

Thanks for the party!!

We're on our way home. 
The only negative thing that happened was I lost my phone.  Yes, my brandy new one. I'm hoping it turns up, but now I'm thinking maybe it fell out at the dock while loading things up before heading out to the boat. Waaaaaaaah!

Ah well, freedom from ringing for awhile...


  1. Another great party, MJ. Oh how we miss you all!

  2. kai's pics and prose cracked me up...
    appreciating what you do... thx - m

    1. Such a punster you are! I love you too!