Monday, July 8, 2013

Culebra Town Walks ~ Out and About

Last week was a good week for walkabouts. So good that if the mozzies don't decide to bleed me to death, I might keep on going. Seeing the familiar closer, with a chance to stop at will keeps my eyes a little bit more open, my brain a little bit more tranquil. What's not to like?

There are a lot of intriguing doors on Culebra. Here are just a few, but I'm collecting them now. Even the word portal is intriguing, with its potential for imagination of what lies behind it. A few of Sue Kinkoski's paintings involve portals, and they are some of the ones that draw me in the most (you can find out more about Sue's work by giving her a call).

Maybe my favorite doors on Culebra. Maybe.

The bumper sticker says, in Spanish, Save What's Left

For some reason, the gates to Arte Fango (now) and the other incarnations of this spot, have always been so interesting to me. Maybe because of the openness of the rest of the area, maybe because I slipped things through the bars any number of times, dropping things off with Kim. Barely there, yet so effective! If you've been to New Orleans, or walked around Old San Juan or a hundred other places with wrought iron gates and teasing views, you know exactly what I mean.
A few more of my favorite things. If you've seen them here before, oh boy! Here's another chance to enjoy!

A wind generator, solar panels, windows, what more do you need? This is seriously ador-able.

Head into the wind
The idea of ever getting tired of 'looking down the bridge' is beyond even my imagination
Because I'm in town now I decided, on a night sleep was keeping its wary distance from me, to go walkabout at night. Late at night. Very late, for me. Maybe I do this once a year, aside from New Year's Eve, and if nothing else, it's worth seeing the looks on a few young faces, like seeing your 4th grade teacher at the movies.

Juanita Bananas and El Batey, cooking up some fine eats

Inside, Tinglao was playing.

Dress code: Casual.
One of the rare times I'm up late enough to see this loves to start late in the evening band!
Down at the ferry dock it was quiet. I think Culebra was in a post-4th hangover mode, a crazy for fun kid whose batteries had run down. Finally.

That's how fast Fede is.

These people thought I was amused at the fact that they had 12 (they told me, so I know) people on this golf cart. I wasn't.

As beautiful on the inside!

Hannah looking quite the 30's girl.

Jorge in the zone

Dinghy Dock was the most awake of anyplace at midnight. I haven't heard the congas in a long time and they set my feet moving, which was just enough, very shortly thereafter, to draw Mr. Sandman close enough for a snuggle.
Have a matchless Monday. Do something miscellaneously maverick.


  1. We love the doors and wrought iron on Culebra. We walk around town and the barrios, especially Clark, admiring and photographing them. There is one house, a couple of blocks behind Carlos Jeep, with the most beautiful wrought iron work.

    1. Yes, the wrought iron and the embossed concrete too...lots of fun things to look at!