Thursday, July 11, 2013

Back to Tranquillo ~ Culebra Style in July

With the forecast dry and sunny for the rest of the week we are back to whatever we consider normal in July, with its three and four day weekends, meaning full ferries and plenty of big island visitors. I always consider it slightly ironic that so many people who come here are here for the simple ways of Culebra and then fill it with a lot of noise. As Art Linkletter said, people are funny.

A watery, Sahara dusty sunrise this morning, with a bit of a breeze. Rated: Ahhhhhhh.

Post storm concerns eased, boats are spreading back out across the harbour.

How much has it rained? Enough to bring blossoms to this viney plant. The mango tree finally has more leaves than I can count, a frangipani needs propping up, its fragile branches laden with heavy leaves and gravity still the law of the land. Constants are good.

Have a tranquilo Thursday. Do something that stems the tide of tumult in your today.


  1. Viney plant is known as Vinca in our parts. Viney Vinca; right up your alley.

  2. We've had record rainfall here in Virginia, and cool temps for summer. Nice. 'They' say if it doesn't rain for the next ???? we will still have plenty of water in our watershed. Hey, there is the same amount of water on earth as there was when the dinosaurs walked around, it just moves to different locations. Water will be the next oil.

    1. I agree completely, water WILL be the next oil and in some places, it already is. I think it would be smart for stateside people to learn how awesome cisterns can be. If it's going to rain, it might as well be used.

    2. Blue Gold is a documentary about water, very good!