Monday, July 29, 2013

Anatomy of a Stormy Fare Well

Tropical Storm Dorian, never much of a threat to begin with, has finally left the building. It was one of those 'big enough to pay attention to, early enough in the season to feel fairly sure it wouldn't be a problem, but what about the maybe factor' weather systems.

As it turned out, we barely even got any rain from it. What we did get was a lot of drama. Most of the time, we like this kind of drama; it was a pretty good show!

The pet tarpon of Culebra

It's a bird, it's a plane. Yes.
And then the sun went to bed.

I'm sure the moon came out to play, but, by then, I was sleeping. All was calm, day was done, it was time to safely rest.

Have a merry Monday. Do something motional.


  1. Can I please use the last picture for my screen saver?

    1. Yes, you may. As long as you don't print it out to use for profit. Thank you so much for asking!

    2. Thank you...just for my personal use...bringing Culebra to my home in New York.