Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Eyes to the East

Today, most of us in the island chain are keeping watch on Tropical Storm Chantal. While it looks like it will be far enough south of our location to keep us from more than a lot of rain and wind, it's always a good head's up to be as prepared as possible; preparing for the worst, hoping for the best.

Behind Chantal is a string of stormy areas heading our way as well. Having the drill down is something those of us living on small islands or on boats around small islands is something we do pretty well, knowing there is only so much prep that can be done and then what will be will be. But like running out of gas on a road trip, avoiding what can be avoided is much the better thing.

For our friends to the south, good wishes for minimal impact of this particular storm. For all of us, hope surrounding the words 'uneventful season' comes to mind.

Know your plan, work your plan
Have a take the tedious task time Tuesday. Do something tropically targeted.


  1. Looks like it's headed right for you. Best of luck.
    587 ntileho

    1. Thanks, Mark. Actually, unless something unexpectedly and wildly dramatic occurs, it will be a good ways to the south of us, as of now about 140 miles south, meaning we'll most likely get some wind and rain. But for a Caribbean season opener, it's a good time to make sure preps are in order for whatever comes next.