Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ramblin' into the 4th of July

A life theme (painting by Mark)
While over in Fajardo yesterday waiting for an appointment to materialize, I was trying to program my blog site into my new phone (passwords sometimes slip away like dust motes in the sunshine of my mind). In looking, I came across something called Networked Blogs, which I still can't figure out. But whatever it is, this is their description of my blog.

"One woman's perspective and photographs of life around the island she lives on, Culebra, PR. Posts about island life, beaches, food, gardening, local politics and environmental issues twirled up in general ramblings about life on Culebra can be found here."

Twirled up in general ramblings...I like it!

My first thought on reading that line was sitting at the dining room table as a young girl, twirling spaghetti with my fork, into the bowl of a soup spoon. It was and is a fun and easy way to not have those long thin noodles slap you in the face, smearing, in our case, garlicky olive oil, with curls of parsley and clam bits  along for the ride. I thought it was quite sophisticated, compared to some of my friends slurping and sucking methods, until I read that it was the way of peasants and children, not to be done at proper tables (what the 'experts' say). Maybe that was my first inkling that I liked being peasant-ish. So often it is a more practical way to live than not, common sense ruling over...rules that often make no sense at all.

No-no - from Stravganza on all things table mannerly
Though I was taught how to use a fair complement of forks and knives and spoons, I'd rather just use one of each...though the beauty of a fish knife, or fish slice as they might be called, is something to behold. My uncle's brother is rather famous for his collection of commissioned pieces, in the small circles that knows their fish slicers (you can read about him here). If you like beauty in your practical (though I doubt many, if any, of these has touched a fish; I'd have to ask to be sure) you can check out the collection here. There are a few cake (and at least one tart) slicers as well, just in case utensils to do with fish don't perk your interest. Here are a few of my favorites.

All photos are from the Victoria & Albert image collection, used with permission.
© Victoria and Albert Museum, London
© Victoria and Albert Museum, London
© Victoria and Albert Museum, London
But that wasn't what I meant to write at all...rambling indeed!

Nicely (or divinely, I'll let Claire choose), I was on the ferry with Claire and able to have a good do svidanya time.

Daphne, taking cat calm to a nice tranquilized level
With my appointment over at 11:30 and no ferry until 3, I walked back to the dock. Since I've photographed most of what I think is interesting on that walk, I'd kept the camera tucked away. Until I saw this carport. Which I've seen before and maybe even showed a photo of it here before but something is different. Maybe the paint is new... regardless, it certainly caught my eye, if not, without any breeze, my ear.

Chime on!

And then, remember that circus or carnival I thought I should have run into the other day? Here it was! In most interesting form, or at least interesting to me. When the scent of candy floss and grease laden sausages and peppers, twinkling lights and seductively enticing carnival folk (which is weird, because they rarely are seductive and wouldn't be in any other setting) have lured you down the midway , emptying your pockets, filling your belly and eyes until overload needs a trip switch, are broken down into the harsh light of day, what brought starry eyes turns into out loud cartoons and interesting mechanics.

Tilt 'o there a better named anything?

Truthfully, these creatures scare me a little bit

Tiny ticket taker

I never saw anything like this in a mainland carnival. Probably a good thing.
Lucky for you, there's enough here that I will skip my feelings about this Fourth of July, except to say, have a safe one and let your freedom ring! We'll ring it out on the water for our traditional celebration Splash!

Have a thrilling Thursday. Do something that takes time.


  1. Tilt-A-Whirls and Rambling Twirls. Good Independence Day imaging! Funny, how phrases conjure up different memories...When I read 'twirled up in ramblings', my instant thought was Dylan's 'tangled up in blue'...have a great holiday!

  2. Which makes you an always more complicated person than you appear.. day is done, gone the sun, hope it was good for you and yours!