Sunday, July 14, 2013

Not So Simple Sunday ~ Anatomy of a Rescue

I know that across a broad spectrum of people who love Culebra, there are stories like this across towns around the world, because I hear them. But I also know we have some challenges here that make what is, though very rewarding, also very tough on many levels, even more of a wow factor when there is success. So today, I'm sharing Lori Novis' (who does not count herself, typical of most animal rescue types!) words and using borrowed photos to honor not only the ones mentioned, but others whose names never see the light of day, except for the few who 'know'. 
Salud to all of you, and hooray! for the Grizo's who, through the passion and dedication of some two legged ones, find their way home.

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Foster Richard & Grizo (photo credit:Foster Marcos )
Graceful Grizo arrived at his new home in Massachusetts 2 weeks ago, thanks to the help of many kind folks. Each and every animal that AWC cares for is tended to by many humans, beginning from the rescuers to the adopters. In Grizo's case, the following animal loving folks stepped up to the puppy plate to help this little guy find a loving and lasting home: Teresa Tallevast (on call always for advice and for supplies), Dr. Osmar Rivera, Carla, Alejandro & Ivy (vet and staff), Richard and Marcos (fosters), Peter Howard (instrumental in finding Grizo a fantastic home), Jossie Valentin (guest of Marcos and Richard's who escorted Grizo in-cabin from San Juan to Hartford, CT), John Green (escort from Fajardo to SJ International Airport), and Al Cuellar (our taxi driver extraordinaire). Count them ... count the humans involved in 1 rescue. Simply amazing, no? These folks do it out of their genuine compassion for helping Culebra's homeless animals. They are my heroes, and AWC thanks them BIG!

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Peter Howard and Todd Duval picking up Grizo in Hartford, CT (Peter and Todd drove 2.5 hours each way to receive pup, and arrived home at 2:30 a.m. Talk about love!)

 Yes. Talk about love.

A fare well to Wendy, who left this realm Thursday, due to a tragic car accident in the states. Our love to Matty, who lost his best friend, and our thankfulness to and for Wendy, whose smile and beautiful spirit lit up our little island during her times with us.


  1. good idea to describe the "anatomy of a rescue" and recognize how many various people it takes to save each life of our unconditionally loving friends on four feet.....!
    also, it seems that "death by car" is something our society has virtually become inured to....... the truth is that driving here in the states, any one of us can become another statistic in that category, at any moment ,when we're on the highway... sad to hear about wendy........

    1. It's a pretty thankless job, sad to say, rescuing those most in need, whether they be 4 or 2 legged ones, so the occasional public recognition is only a drop in a very large bucket, but it is a drop.
      I don't have words for the rest of what you wrote...only heartbreak.