Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Razzle Dazzle Mellow Me!

The last couple of days have been eyesfull. Maybe after being inside more than out over that last rainy stretch, the curtains feel pulled way back on the stage. Or maybe it's just some serendipitous PFM.

I got the camera operating a split second too late - after the captain lowered the sails
 With nothing to do the other afternoon, I unexpectedly jumped on the ferry with a friend for an anticipated fast turnaround, over on the 1, back on the 3. The fast cat will be leaving us soon and since I'd never been on it, there's always something one can use over there that isn't here.

Someone please explain why that fine service area isn't being used except to sell water? The seats are comfortable, the windows big. Sitting inside isn't really my style but hey, now I can say I did.

The waiting area is being used at last!! Now if the cyclone fencing on the other half would come down, we might get away from the years long 'temporary construction holding pen' look.
We were lucky enough to find a great taxi guy. He put up with our fractured Spanish enough to not only get us where we wanted but to best our request by actually waiting right where we were the five minutes each errand took, rather than  waiting for a phone call while hoping to get another fare. You rock, Mr. Taxi Guy!

Where all those boats hide out when not in Culebra waters.
Back home, it seemed like a good number of the usual suspects were heading to or already at Dinghy Dock. Including the gulls, who were enjoying a late lunch.

Yesterday morning seemed like it might be a repeat of those rainy days, but it wasn't. Heading to feed my own critters, the sun was playing roving spotlights. As is often the case, I could stop in the middle of the street and click away. So I did.

After cat and chicks were pleasantly full, the return trip (a whole 4 minutes or so) awaited. But a mind blowing rainbow was waiting too. At first I could only see a part of it but that part was gorgeous. I hope the people whose street level roof I stood on didn't wake up.

Then the whole thing came out to play. It stayed and stayed and stayed. I wanted to drive to a hilltop, a beach, but I was afraid it would disappear, so I just got with the camera what I got and saved the rest for my own memory book.

There should have been a carnival or a circus in town, some large event. Instead, it was a quiet day, going to show once again that Culebra delivers life as she will and I'd already been given the wake up grin making wowness to carry into the rest of the day. If one can be ready for one thing and one thing only here, it is the expectation of being surprised. Not bad for a place called home.

Have a willing Wednesday. Do something wakefully.


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