Friday, July 19, 2013

Free Range Friday ~ Culebra

Since I've not been doing much cooking lately - how exciting to see my tuna and hard boiled egg salad (with onion and capers and celery and mayo, if you care)? - you'll just have to visually feast today. I had a wonderful recipe to share but as is on occasion the way of things technical, it poofed away, maybe never to return. Unless I get into spy mode before finishing this, and I might, but probably not.

Quiet drama at the dock.
Another beautiful frangipani color
This cactus has gotten so huge! But so has the plant in front of it, so to avoid creeping out the friend who lives here by stalking this plant right near his window, this is the part you get to see. You're welcome, Jeff.

Obviously I'm obsessed with this flowering vine/tree/plant in my yard. It so rarely blooms that I'm enjoying each and every one of them.

This is one of the above plant's new legs.
The first person to guess what this is...just kidding.
I missed the circus this year, so I can't tell you about it. Ann's shop, Paradise Gifts, is closing; hurry up, items are almost literally flying out the door with the huge sale slash she has going on. Neil is tending bar at his beach kiosko on Monday's, Tuesday's and Thursday's if you want to stop by, have a drink and/or a meal and say hello! This next bit I'm putting in entire because I'll forget something, no doubt.

*Veterinarian Dr. Osmar Rivera, will be in Culebra Wednesday, July 31st thru Friday, 2 August to tend to your pet's needs: surgeries
(spay/neuter, etc), vaccines, skin checks, etc.
*Please call 787-409-6380.
*The doctor's mobile clinic will be parked next to the Culebra Community Library.
*Please remember to call to schedule an appointment ASAP because we
need to have information on your pet before the vet arrives; it'll help the clinic go more smoothly and he'll be able to see more animals. Thank you!

That about wraps it up for Free Range Friday. Which is sort of silly because it's barely begun. But I have to see a chick about a life. A real chick. An abandoned chick. That somehow made its way to my porch. With human help. Thanks. Ever. So. Much.

Have a find your fine fettle feeling Friday. Do something fearlessly.


  1. We've been watching this cactus grow for years. It is so beautiful. Tell Jeff we said hi, he's a great guy.

    1. Shall do, though he does read the blog, says I can stalk anytime! It's so beautiful, isn't it?