Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tiny Home Tuesday

Because I am a huge fan of tiny homes (and live in one), I've been inspired to devote one day a week to them here on the blog - one day is good, since I probably look at dozens in a week alone. Some will be from Culebra and some won't. If you have a tiny home you'd like to see on the blog from where ever you live (or if you live in one and want to share it, send it in, info and photos both. My editorial board and I will be really happy to check them out; CWIM loves photos).

And p.s. What constitutes a tiny home? I'm pretty generous in my own thoughts - small is good, it doesn't have to be wee to be considered tiny. McMansions don't quality, cottages, unless you are using Newport definitions, do. Bungalows, cabanas, cabins, cabooses, camps, carriage houses, boats, (houseboats included) of a certain size, shanties...they all work.

Today's tiny home will be from an email sent in (thanks, Mr. Plum!) about the Diogene, designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano, who is also the builder of The Shard, the largest skyscraper in Europe. 

 (photo credits: unknown)

At 65 square feet, I consider this more of a prototype of a tiny home than an actual
every day living microhome, not that boat interiors are much bigger, sometimes. What I like about this are so many little bits and pieces, oh so practical, to make living better. 

I'm not a fan of modern, clean lines. I like funk and clutter and nook and crannies and this place has none of that. What is does have is a water collection system, a compost toilet, a shower, a kitchen, The name Diogene, the Greek philosopher who chose to leave behind luxury and live in poverty...er...not just regular poverty but living in a glass jar sort of poverty, isn't the best of names for conjuring up connotations, but then, he named his skyscraper the Shard, so make up your own conclusions. 

You can find out a lot more about this place here. It's pretty brilliant.


  1. I like this idea!

  2. Goona include RVs? They don't seem to quite fit :-)>

    1. RV's, if they are being used as homes, fit as well as anything else. Of course, I wouldn't want to pay the fuel bills!