Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Laundry in The View

No, not that The View. This view. The view I have while doing my laundry someplace different than my regular place I do laundry. Oh, the excitement of island life is so good. As is The View.

This boat was pretty far away but I could still almost feel being heeled over like that.
There were other things to look at on a slow, hot and lazy day (although I consider doing the laundry to be the antithesis of being lazy - not the ultimate antithesis, but enough to note I did something productive when I'd rather have been in front of a fan or in the water). A walk down by the canal was pretty pedestrian (yes, intended) until I saw this boat, these people and 4 dachshunds. 4! in their little life vests and very relaxed being aboard.

The different colored vests made me laugh. The whole thing made me laugh.
Genipas are ripe on the tree right now, but I've yet to get a good photo of them. They are usually in shadows and very much the same green as the surrounding leaves. It's on my project list. They are everywhere off the tree, for sale or to give away. Yesterday in Randaluz (the ferreteria) there was a big bag full for the sharing. A little boy and I filled paper bags that Marilu gave us. His face...he was so happy! If you're on island wanting genipas but you don't want to climb a tree, head over to Randaluz.

The bag didn't stay full for long
In the meantime, this palm tree is blooming riotously. With not one edible thing on it that I can see.

And here is the crazy flamboyant I was talking about yesterday. I've never seen another growing with such weed-like abandon.

Have a (go)wild Wednesday! Do something willy-nilly.


  1. Just this morning I was looking at the Gineps and thinking, "those look about right"
    etypet 367

  2. Everything looks green green green, and the Flamboyant are living up to their name. Love the palm photo. We're going to see The Manhattan Transfer (remember them?) in a small venue Saturday night.

  3. It's madly green here these days for sure. Of course I remember them, have a wonderful time! Of course you will.

  4. How do you know about "The View"? I thought you were blissfully sheltered from silly TV.

  5. I AM blissfully sheltered from television (well, except when I'm housesitting). But my bubble occasionally allows in some things from the world, and The View happened to come into my rangefinder awhile back, mainly because of the idjit woman who is not there anymore - yeah, I know that too. Don't know who is replacing her, but it can only be someone worse, they have to have a protagonist of some kind to offset the others.That's my guess anyway:) Of course, if it goes off the air, it will take me a year or so to find out.