Saturday, July 13, 2013

Something Old, Something New ~ But Lots Better

Coming in the house sitting gate this morning after feeding the home critters, a banana quit zoomed by me. My first thought was of missing seeing them more, as I do in my own yard: that even though this place of house sitting has its lovely junglesque qualities, not much in the way of random was to be seen. The universe laughed in time with the air above my head vibrating, a low bass chortle if you will.  More than air was vibrating. There, where a week ago a full flowering of crepe myrtle waved, was now something new, something totally unexpected.

Remember this bounteous beauty?
That jet-propelled female was dive bombing me and I didn't even know it, unaware 'r me. Her home nest above me was quivering from her sudden diversion departure. How does one miss a nest that is passed under at least five times a day? Easily, when one forgets to look up. What a kind and funny reminder!

Back side view, or, what I saw first. Quiver quiver not included.
Door to the rising sun...bird feng shui
Yesterday was one of those days that you didn't run into anyone who failed to slip into the conversation, or even just the greeting in passing, what a beautiful day it was. Indeed. The sun shone, but not harshly, in skies clean (clean like laundry off the line clean! like baby out of the bath! like...ok) and blue. Even the clouds seemed to be made of fuller, fluffier stuff than in the weeks gone by. No Sahara dust. No humidity pressing down even the horizon.

In the midst of July and a coolness in the air. Repeat, a coolness in the air. Snorkeling in the morning, instead of bathtubishly warm water, there was refreshment and a sense of 'almostalmost' too cool. Laugh if you will, we get cold easily here. But in July? It was a gift of a day. All day and into the evening, the 12th of July. Gift Day.

Zach is back from holiday and back to cooking up yum. At 12 sharp the place was almost full, a testimony to good eats. And good drinks. None of us were feeling alcoholically inclined, instead re-visiting another addiction, Zach's hibiscus tea. This tea is so delicious and so pretty that overdosing is not only possible, but likely. Just so you know; fair warning and all that. No photo, it would have been like trying to capture a beautiful stained glass window, it works, but it's not the same without tasting it. Um...the tea, not a stained glass window. That would be silly.

Friday usually means music at Dinghy Dock, with 2 Doug's and a Mariel. We got a special treat yesterday when Wiki joined them for a couple of tunes, his conga beat and grin spot on, as if they'd been collaborating for ages. Which, in the world of musicians, they have. I had a few flash memories of musician friends meeting each other, sitting down and...oops, I digress.

Good good good good vibrations (no, they don't sing that song)
 After Wiki, Erin sat in for a song. She leaves on Sunday so if you want to say fare well (because she will most definitely be back), now's your chance!

In the midst of good came a big surprise of wowwowwow good. I was sitting on the steps when a man turned to me with a smile and after the first split second of who? I'd leapt up and clamped on in hugging a friend that I thought I'd never see again. A health journey that had pretty much every complication possible had landed him on the living side, despite a Jimmy the Greek 1000000000 to 1 odds. Sometimes, it happens.

We'll let Mike do the smoking and drinking, Jim can do the grinning
Gift Day. I toldja.

Have a salute the serendipitously sacred Saturday! Do something scrumptious.


  1. The gorgeous little houseboat with the solar and wind generator... can you tell me more about it please, location etc...

  2. Ah, it's in Culebra, PR's Ensenada Honda. I think it's probably used more as a fishing shack. I keep hoping to see the owner when I pass by, so I can ask him more about it, but not yet. Wonderful, isn't it?