Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Oh! One Eagle! Two Herons! Three Ospreys! Oh My!

My post is late because I've had to sort through the almost 200 shots I took early this morning. And I want to put most of them in this post...but I won't. After I realized the eagle was going to stay awhile, probably, I hauled butt up the road, in my down-to-the-ground nightgown, back to the house to get Laurie. I did get dressed to head back...and all fowl were still present and accounted for. Hooray!

With the full moon playing tidal games, birds were out in force this morning. The bird we've wondered about turned out to really be a bald eagle! Then I saw the herons...and finally, the osprey started fishing. Oh glory. Enjoy!

These aren't quality photos, but I hope you get the idea of holy wow! The eagle was in a tree across the entire river...hence the lack of purity. And what's my excuse for the osprey? I was trembling with wow-ness! Actually, these two came out pretty well. I don't know why they look so different unless one, the top one, is immature? So, bird people (and you know who you are!), what's the story? If I look it all up I'll NEVER get this posted!


Another mushroom, Alice?

The road coming out from the river road bright with morning sun brought this lily


  1. We have an eagle's roost across the cove from our houseboat. When they are perched in the tree top or soaring overhead everyone in the marina is out on the dock watching. They are such beautiful graceful animals. I see why they are our national bird. Beautiful photos as always.

  2. How wonderful to have a houseboat near an eagle roosting spot! I've never had the opportunity to 'sit' with an eagle as long as I did yesterday and it was very hard to tear myself away...glad you're liking the photos, wish I was getting some clearer shots but glad I'm getting to share some of this Northern beauty.