Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thanks for the memories, old and new

A friend of mine I haven't seen for about 25 years came up to see me yesterday, from where she is visiting her children in Boston (thanks, Kathy, for letting Mom have the car!).

We picked up the threads of our lives while doing a bit of touristing in Boothbay and then headed to the river, both yesterday afternoon and this morning before she headed south. Janet is a rock collector, among other good things (I used to have her on my list of "coolest women I've ever known" and she's still up there, though the field has widened since I was 18 - how do I know these so very full of common sense women and am lucky enough to call them friends? Schmazin'). Laurie took this photo of us in the woods. Argh, not even tea yet. Thanks for keeping it dark, Laurie!

Here is some of what we did. But I didn't have my camera with me as we ate at the historically famous Red's Eats last night while watching an impossibly orange moon, almost still full, rise up over the trees, painting the Sheepscot River with its reflection. Janet described it looking as if some invisible being was swiftly pulling it up sideways by a thread, it happened so quickly. Those of us on the deck were awed and joyed by that most simple and seasonal pleasure. Aren't they the best ones? Oh, and the lobster roll was pretty darn great too.

This is going to be chock full of photos, fair warning! Also, in no particular order...I know you can deal with that. I know you will!

Heron in flight

Heron in flight dos

Bumblebee on a dahlia - I am not a big flower grower, but I wouldn't mind trying these!

Another bee, this one doing the hokey pokey; another dahlia (there are SO many kinds!)

Fishing heron


A pair of herons - ok, I know, enough with the herons...


Janet on the rocks

There were plenty enough rocks here for her to take a few home (sorry Andrew!)

The Little House in Boothbay Harbor - of course I love it!

House of windows...view of the harbor

Thanks, Janet, for pointing out this it edible?

Wood going back to the earth - I know the feeling

The world under a rock - in a minute, the ants were moving their eggs to safety
(this one is worth clicking twice)

Not a great shot, but the green is the reflection of trees on the still water - 
and the osprey had just caught a fish, which if you look really close, you can see...sort of

Good Osprey hunting

Jusy sayin'....we should have something like this! And I love the name

Rose hips from the wild roses...rosa rugosa

Best spiral staircase I've ever seen, in an art gallery, Coco Viva we moseyed through (the works of one artist, Monique Parry, were so vivid and fine, they were like tropical botanicals, plus lots of other great art by other artists and  fine art craftspeople...)

Top of the staircase

Still water

Janet musing

How good to have old friends who can remember back and back and back and still we can go forward to the now...and enjoy making new memories. Thanks for coming all the way up here, Janet! I'll see you in Florida, and it won't be 25 years this time!