Monday, July 26, 2010

Today's post is brought to you by my heart (if you don't know the players, enjoy the magic)

 Thistle & bee outside the door before we hit the road.

After a slow last day of the garage sale, and a phone call from Sean, we headed to Northport to see his place up here. I had never met Wendy, his ex-wife, good friend and mother of their son Rossi, and I'd heard about both the place and the person for years - so it was something very good to look forward to all day. While Sean wasn't there, he was very much there with the four of us. Wendy made us feel right at home. Feel the love.

Wendy blowing the conch!

These are some photos of the home that Sean and Wendy built 20 + years ago. It feels like a solid house, but I could sense the water gently rocking us...

Our visit started with a few gasps at the view (Laurie has been here before and known Wendy for years, but it was all new to me except for a few photos and stories from Sean - I was wowed) and moved on to wine and homemade blueberry pie from berries that Wendy picked. Blueberries and Maine are like peanut butter and jelly...and now I understand why. Yum!

Wendy found the wood, Sean built the bannister

Closer that woodworkin'!

Who else but sailors use a hunk of lead
for a pulley weight...and that pulley?

Yes, it gets cold in Maine in the winter 
(and pretty chilly sometimes in the summer too!)

Grill, looking downstairs

I have no idea what this is, but in my imagination it is 
Indian markings on wood that is now a...closet? wall? I forget

Me, Wendy and Laurie on the deck

Shouldn't every house have a swing inside...

...and a totem pole outside?

Some more outside things I liked

In the carport...with the wood...and other stuff, but not the car

Then, as we were finishing the delicious dinner Wendy made for us, 
the moon appeared, as if the universe was just having a chuckle over us...all for love.

Thanks, Laurie and Phil, for taking us over. Thanks so much, Wendy, for your oh so comfortable hospitality (and that pie!), and thanks Sean...for being the reason we were all together.
On a harder note: My brother was in NC working on his cabin Saturday when he fell off a ladder and suffered a compound fracture of his ankle. Luckily, with no phone reception, his calls for help were heard by a seasonal neighbor who 'just happened' to be getting out of his car - from out of state - down the road (way down the road) at that exact moment. Thank you, Phil!

Jonny was med-evac'd to a Level One Trauma Center in Tennessee. He's had one surgery and will need another, but they are waiting to make sure there is no infection. His old girlfriend, still friend, Merri, who is a nurse, flew up to be with him for which I'm extremely grateful; she kicks butt and takes names on all things medical.

As of yesterday, they weren't sure when or how they'd get back to Florida, but that will happen eventually. In the meantime, if you know Jonny (and even if you don't), please send some positive thoughts, vibes and prayers his way. He's in for a long stretch of healing, and...he's my best friend. I want him up and being a pain in the butt again soon! Thanks.


  1. Oh I do hope your brother is doing better today! Positive thoughts and vibes are headed his way! It's a long story but I have stood on Sean and Wendy's deck - beautiful spot. Did I ever tell you Sean and I were in a movie together? I hope to catch up with you this week - is wine after work an option for you?

  2. I'll be working Thursday until 6, as far as I know. Let's see if that works?

    I didn't know you were in the movie, I did know Sean was...and that is one spectacular spot for a deck...lucky us to have stood on it!