Saturday, April 30, 2011

Another Saturday Morning in Paradox

Did you plant a tree yesterday? I hope so. All six of you! After thinking about it, I personally delayed planting my two (the avocado and the 'Unknown Tree'), because it is still so very dry, even though we've gotten rain that has sparked renewal all over the island. It only takes a day of no rain to dry out this thirsty ground and I want the babies to have all the chances in their favor. Planting time soon come, I'm hoping.

But I am really enjoying walking around the yard in the evenings and mornings, watering and looking at the signs that what appeared dead is not. I think if I lived in the northern climes I'd never get anything done in Spring. I'd be found wandering around, mouth agape, head turned upward in wonder. I can hear a quiet voice saying, "Come, come MJ, it's time to go inside now, you've been out all day. And it's snowing." Then gently leading me back to a fireside to curl up in a ball until it really is warm again.

I only say that because my niece wrote that at midnight in Colorado, where she and her family live, it was snowing, a driving snow. And that this morning her boys are going to their respective soccer and baseball practices. Wow. No, it's tropical climes for me.

Sea almond
Last of the cactus - a goner. I can't quite bear to take it down.
One of the neem trees coming back to life
One of three papayas in the yard (between the sea almonds). It lives! They all do. Hooray!
Morning has broken
CWIM: "Ok, I know you do this yard thing...but I do believe it is breakfast time." tap tap
Have a salubrious Saturday! Do something satisfying.


  1. Paradise=Paradox:...sure wish I had thought of that and used for my blog title! Great pictures - what kind of camera do you use?

  2. I started calling paradise Paradox when I lived on STX ;) The camera is a Canon PowerShot S5, not an SLR, but I like it very much. Thanks.