Thursday, April 14, 2011

Update success story from AWC

It is always good to have a story with a happy ending, as rare as they are,  so I'm posting it here today. Just in case you need a happy ending story, and even if you don't! This is from the AWC site:

AWC Success Stories - Sonny & Bella!
sick pupsSonny and Bella were two extreme cases. They were previously owned & a concerned neighbor approached AWC for help in asking the “owners” if they would consider relinquishing the dogs. The former “owners” didn’t even have names for the dogs, had stopped feeding them, & the pups, when given up were so weak that they could not receive their vaccines for two weeks. Additionally, poor Sonny was too ill to even stand on his own & Bella was weak and fearful. Initially, there wasn’t even a good spot to pat these poor pups as they were so boney and starved.

After an angel named, Elena, volunteered to foster these sweet dogs, they began with three regular meals daily. They eventually, were completely cleaned up and rid of all fleas and ticks, and the patches in their fur began to grow back and become soft.

One evening about two months after their rescue, Sonny came along for foks to meet at an informational chat on the “whats, whys, and hows” of AWC to a group of tourists who were on island for a writer’s workshop. The next day, a friend of one of attendees got in touch to hear more about Sonny and Bella.

Sonny & Bella

After careful consideration, the family decided to adopt both dogs together. Reports back from state that they are the “sweetest dogs ever!” & AWC is so very pleased that Sonny & Bella now have the loving family that they deserve!


  1. What wonderful news that someone cared enough to bring attention to their plight, and even more wonderful that they were adopted to a loving home. Thanks for sharing!

  2. It's a beautiful thing, yes!!