Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's Your Birthday!!

Happy Birthday, Jonny!!!!
You're the best brother ever!!! 
I'm so glad you were born!

Oh. My brother isn't Johnny Depp...oops, I always get them confused. But if he was here, I'd totally have that party for him and give him that car and guitar (so he could sell it and finish his house in NC). Really, I would!

 Hey, I'd rather hang with you than Johnny Depp anytime!
Ok, maybe not anytime. Maybe I'd like to hang out with Johnny Depp sometime.
Once or twice. 
But not on your birthday!

Instead, I'll give him some laughs and prezzies that he could sell to buy a Burrito Supreme while he works on the house. I'm not sure he was laughing when I called him at 6:30 this morning...but hey, tradition is TRADITION!!! That's what annoying big sisters are for. Yeah, we are.

I have no idea what this means but it feels right  

I love you, bro!! And I'm wishing you an excellent birthday and a year full of only GOOD surprises!!

Have a sublime Sunday! Do something spontaneous!


  1. Many happy returns, Jonny! ¡Felíz Cumpleaños, indeed! Great video, with many elements of my favorite things...Depp, OSJ, and Rum Diaries. Was that released? No way I missed that, was there?

  2. Comments are being messed up! I posted and answered this days ago...I thought! I don't know about the release, but maybe it's on netflix?