Saturday, April 2, 2011

Wow! and arf arf arf from Culebra

Not me in a Gulfstream
Ok, you silly people, I have to say...that's the best April's Fool's joke I ever made. It's nice, in fact, it's over the top wonderful that I have a life that some people would believe I get invited to hop on a Lear jet to fly to open an Island Woman cart on the Baltic Sea, but in reality, I've not ever even been invited to Plaza Las Americas mall to set up a cart. And, while I do know people with planes, I don't know anyone with a Lear jet. Yet. Though Carol W. told me to be really convincing, I should have said a Gulfstream, that a Lear couldn't make it an overnight...shows what I know! If anyone DOES have a Gulfstream and wants to take me to Estonia to set up a new Island Woman cart, contact me at APR-IL1-2011.

I AM going to Connecticut on Monday for a quickie job helping a friend clean out a house they've bought. I'll be gone a week or two and will blog from there. It was about freezing this morning...but there are lots of fireplaces. So I've been told. And that's the truth. Really.

Just in case you've been thinking about those are some photos to help you in your decision making process! Only 9 to go!

"Am I cute or what??? Take me home!"

Have a not too serious Saturday! Do something simple.

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