Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Shhhh...it's very, very quiet

Ok, it's quiet from my perspective anyway. This is another one of those secret great times to come to, or be on, Culebra. The Semana Santa crowds are gone, the weather is still lovely, the water is warm. And every place and activity is open, except for Susie's. She and her staff are getting a much needed rest after a season cooking and serving satisfied customers, both local and visiting. We'll just have to wait a month until her return. Did I mention the tuna? No? Well, you'll just have to check it out later on.

Not Culebra! photo credit: Anse Chastanet
I've been busy at home ordering a sausage maker and setting up a very big smoker (courtesy of Walt). Now all I have to do is figure out how to use both of them! But I'm excited. new learning curves keep us from falling asleep under palm trees with umbrella studded drinks in our hands.  Being served to us by handsome beach boys trained to liberally apply sunscreen at the lift of a finger. Before the band sets up on the beach and the tiki torches are lit. The guys don't get beach boys, so don't go there. Well, unless they ask. And no, that's not me. I'm a lot more tan...and a lot more... Hush.

Here are some other things I saw yesterday...and the day before too.

Another beauty in the harbour...don't know that flag

First cow I've seen on Culebra since the Brahmas have gone

Ripe papayas! Not my yard...Mine are trying to survive, only a block (and sea level) away

The cloud was a lot darker than this and brought rain! Hooray!

Looking out the bay to sea
Another day in Paradox...

Have a tempting Tuesday. Do something terrific.


  1. To paraphrase, "Nice ketch!"

  2. Doug, you're starting the day with clever and I'm starting it with a head full of trees. Just another skip and I'll be out of the woods. *slurp*

  3. MJ, it looks like the flag of Spain from where I'm sitting.

  4. Dave, it sure does. That's embarrassing, since I was there for six months! I hoped someone would come up with it - but now... ;) Thanks!