Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lorraine's energy

Road sight leaving the aquarium
Lorraine has carried me along more than a few times, starting with when I tore all the ligaments out in my ankle and she had me in the gym rehabbing while I still had a cast on. Up here, she's finally gotten my butt in gear after work to go and do a few things (whereas I would come home and curl up inside the fireplace with a glass of wine on my own). Yesterday afternoon we went to Foxwoods, the casino. We barely saw any of it, it is so massive. I did get my glass of wine and some calamari too. Lucky for me, we like many of the same libations and eats. The calamari was perfectly cooked and plenty big enough to share, at the recommendation of the cute bartender. Weirdly and deliciously, it came with cherry peppers in a garlic wine sauce, a preparation I've never seen but really, really good.

I'd heard of Foxwoods. I'd read about it. So hey, why not at least look at it, being 15 minutes away? Foxwoods is like Disney and a super mall including good art, with the background music being the bing ching bing of slot machines. We never even got near the slots... There really is some awesome tribal art, marble and bronze sculptures, along with a reproduction deer skin dress I loved but it was over 1200.00 so I passed. There is Hard Rock Cafe, there is MGM Grand, along with shops and restaurants and andanananananna...It's huge. Too huge, but fun. For two hours.

More my speed was the aquarium. Here; share some of it with me!

One of three beluga whales
A seal being adorable
This sea lion is HUGE!!! but still winsome
He was being ferocious (really)
Penguins either grooming or stimulating oil glands - you choose
Cuddly sea horses - they are so strange
All I could think of was being stung by something so beautiful
Cool and bizzaro jelly fish
Awesome octopus and anenomes
 This little girl managed to get her hand or arm in 
all of the 'show how big' shots...so.why fight it?

 When we were leaving the work sight, we saw three deer walking along through a field/yard. At the road they ran and I was lucky enough to catch this one jumping the wall. First deer I've seen up here...someone must have forgotten to give them the 'MJ is around, hide!' message.

Today is supposed to be rainy and...gee, surprise - cold, well, not really if it reaches 56 (hey, I'm trying to fit in here). But right now, under 4 blankets, one of them electric, warm is immediate and relative. The cute bartender from Foxwoods lives an hour inland from here and told us the temperature was in the 70's yesterday! Compared to 'Make a fire! this house is cold!' on the work site. Oh, is this whining? Life is still very, very good. 

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