Saturday, April 23, 2011

I missed the meteors but I got the burrito!

If yesterday, meteor day, Earth day and Zaco's Tacos opening day were having a contest, there would be no problem guessing the winner. Zaco's Tacos - by a long shot. From the 11:00 opening - I know this because I heard from the first customer, who loved the food - until we strolled out with Monika, who was still smiling but quite ready to shut the door behind us at 7 - Zach and Monika kicked Mexican food booty! Lots of friends, lots of great food, some brought in libations along with the many non-alcoholic liquid refreshments in a bright and cheery setting with fun games in the back yard? What's not to like? Best of good fortune (the kind that comes from hard work) to you, Zach and Monika! oh, and Olivia too.

Great decor!!
Not saying Monika is looking divine, but...

Comfortable outdoor seating on the deck

Nachos and the special guacamole - yum!

The above was when I unexpectedly went to Zaco's early with Mike. Francie, Ann, Karen and I had already planned on going around 5, but I got a sneak preview...and definitely wanted the special guac that was ordered next to me. Luckily, there was still some left when we did get back at 5. Why didn't I take photos of the chicken and beef burritos? Of the pork belly tacos? Of the repeat special guac? Because...I was hungry! And it was delicious. And I forgot. No doubt there will be more photos and good times to follow.

 Yesterday was Good Friday, which, around here, means that there are no markets open. Along with the bank, the PO and who knows what else. Every year I feel a little bad because I've forgotten to say 'You'd better do your shopping Thursday! Or be ready to wait until Saturday.' But most years I forget (and anyway, it's good to be a pioneer sometimes; you know you can do it!!) But I'll say it now. Get to the stores today because tomorrow IS Easter, and I make no promises on what will or will not be open!

What happened to Free Range Friday? See above...I let Zach do the cooking! What happened with the meteors? I was asleep, oops!

What happened with the Lyrids meteor show? Dunno!
By the way, if you have been grinding your teeth and getting an upset stomach, saying 
to yourself, I just wish I knew earlier when these dang blasted meteor showers were 
going to happen so I could properly prepare myself or at least set my alarm clock, why oh why don't I know this? And what the heck is a meteor anyway?', check out this page

What happened with Earth Day? Well, Desmond Tutu contributed to a book called 100 Places to Go Before They Disappear, coming out May 1st that you might want to read to help understand why we even have Earth Day. 

Beyond that, over 100 million acts supporting the environment were noted around the world. From sixth grade Iraqi war survivors planting trees through about a million acts down to me watering my veggie plants, small and carefully tended in half shade, so maybe I can reap food from them to eat and share. Around here, right now with the lack of rain, planting a tree might have been a bit of a negative. But as soon as the rains come, I'll be back to planting trees and hope you will too. For a few awesome photos of Earth Day celebrations around the world, go here

Have a safe Saturday (there's a lot of crazy boaters out there)! Do something small and sublime.

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  1. YUMMY!! And, love that shot of Monika. The place looks great, the customers look happy - I cannot wait!!