Friday, April 15, 2011

A mismash, but no mashed potatoes, no salad and no backstrap venison either

I could have taken photos of this most amazing meal being prepared, but I didn't. I'd just come in from a walk in the woods with Lorraine and Zorra, snapping away, and dinner seemed to come together so quickly... It was, hands down, the best venison (taken right on the property, so about as local as local gets) I've ever had in my life.

Not what we ate but close! Backstrap is the loin
There was no marinading involved, which I've always done; a mixture of red wine and orange juice, garlic and pepper. A lot of venison marinades use vinegar - I don't. But back to dinner last night, no marinade was neccessary. Nada. No gamey taste. Just tender, delicious medallions of pan cooked venison. With some garlic mashed potatoes I made the other night and a salad. Oh, two salads, there was tabouli salad as well (store made, great, but here is a recipe if you are inclined.

If you live on Culebra, get to the veggie market early and you might find some mint and parsley! I'm pretty sure there is bulgar wheat around as well, maybe Milka's, maybe Holistica Aimee. Buen provecho!

It got up to 64 and sunny yesterday! The prettiest day ever and Spring is afoot. Magnolia trees are blossoming, dandelions are popping up, grass is greening, bulb flowers are brightening yards. And birds...they are everywhere! These are from the yard at the house we are working on, but there are lots more. It's really beautiful to see.

This bunny is just one of hundreds of things that got sorted. The guys put the mask on him (of course they won't wear the masks, they are too stub  macho). Funny guys. We have a fire every morning, sometimes all day, because it's cold in the house. And since tons of remodeling and repair are going on, there is a LOT of scrap wood. Eventually, this fireplace will look very very different. It will have stone rather than this crap look and no barn doors. I'll probably be back home by then, but I want photos! I've become quite attached to this fireplace. And I mean that.

Some of what I'm doing up here, sorting 'thngs'

It's going to be one hell of a garage sale!

Yes I want. No, I'm not taking. 
Well, maybe the feather headband...

Back home again, Junior was waiting for his sweet feed

Oh, he loves his sweet feed! 

Look closely, it's a flock of something flying somewhere

What is it?

We saw the hawk on its nest!!! Then it flew off and I missed the shot. It is HUGE!!! 
This is in the 'backyard' - 150 acres butted up to a reservoir.

Wonder what happened to this ONE tree to make it bend like this?

Zorra lapping up a little rain water (Zorra is a Culebra sato!)

At the reservoir - I mean, not really AT it, that's illegal.  
Glad I've got this awesome lens!

A Canadian goose, honking away...

Another day is done, another gone the sun...

 And now, for a switch from the bucolic to the strident. 
This is video I shot from the protest in NYC last Saturday.

Have a filling Friday! Do something frivolous.


  1. Judging from the shape of the formation, I'm guessing Canada geese. Then guessing lamb's ear. Nothing definitive. How was NGDB?

  2. Oops. Poco. Same era and genre! Rusty Young lives smack in the middle of our kayak country!

  3. Geese and lamb's ear sound fair to me! NGDB?