Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Two Blanket Monday!

Spring must be almost here (forget the dates, they obviously mean nothing) because in the night it seems I threw off three coverings AND my socks and feel pretty darn comfy! In bed anyway. I think the socks will go back on first...

I got to cook most of the dinner last night (okay, I didn't cook the rutabaga and I probably never will). Beef burger from the last bull on the property got turned into spaghetti sauce, with asparagus and fresh corn and salad and yes, rutabaga, it was a big meal! I only got a starter pic of that - which is not going in because it's pretty raw - getting distracted on the way to dinner with the comings and goings of a busy family .I'm not difficult to distract, CWIM can do it with a look.

These are just some random shots from yesterday. We all took a slow day around here...that meant paperwork and only one trip to Home Depot to steal borrow granite samples and walk around with a piece of oak flooring to compare to cabinets. We had a sweet drive back, through 'cottage country'. Rambling clapboard houses have a good, salty appeal. Thanks, Monique!

One is regular ham. One is becoming prosciutto
Junior being comfy in the sun
This pheasant hissed at me!! Now on the Most Wanted poster.
Tree in bud
Serious camo going on here (good eye, Monique!!)
You can fly but you can't hide (yeah, right). This is not the nesting hawk from the back of the house woods, but from the front of the house woods. That makes sense. Really.
Beautiful and blowing like mad
Just a little cottage by the sea...
Ok, maybe not so little...I want a tour. A long tour.
Under the board walk...
Nice yard. Very nice tree limb arching.
 At the very top of this house if you look, you will see a blue glass ball. There were about eight of them and they are pretty. Apparently, there are decorations for your lightning rods
Who knew?? Now, I do!

Have a moment by moment Monday! Do something momentous! And cheer Terrie on as she runs the Boston Marathon!

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