Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Two days from home, Zaco's Taco's four days out!

It appears more than a few people think I've left Culebra for the off season. NOT! I just took a couple of weeks to work up here with friends and will be home Wednesday...in the big heart of Semana Santa. Not being much in the religious arena, though my love and respect of many traditions runs high (hey, Jewish father and Episcopalian mother have to have some influence), I love the experience of Semana Santa. Truth? What I LOVE about Semana Santa is the tradition of camping. I first came across this on St. Croix, where I lived for quite a few years and watched families camp, hooking up electric to fridges ON THE BEACH, with great grandma to the newest baby under tent. I believe Puerto Ricans are the best campers I've ever seen - if you think you don't like camping because it is 'uncomfortable'? try it PR style, they have it down! So I'm all ready for Semana  Santa on my return. Ready or not, here I come.

Another big hoorah is that Zaco's Taco's is opening on Friday!! Lots of us have watched this pretty decrepit building being transformed with the work and skill of many in our community. The fun factor is high and I know the food flavor factor is going to be even better. See you there!!

Grand Opening
Good Friday got even better
"Zaco's Tacos" opens this Friday @ 11:00 -7:00
Stop by for the delicious beginning
I've been 'collecting' weather vanes since I got here. Digitally, of course; they won't fit in my backpack. I'd love to do a book on vanes across the country, so if you know a publisher who wants that, I'm their woman! They are so varied and interesting...here are a few I found.

Interestingly, weather vanes and lightning rods have a connection I never thought about or knew about. When I looked up the glass balls on lightning rods, they did have a bunch of weather vanes on there as well but I single-mindedly did not pay much attention. Then Bill Kunke sent me a really fascinating article that tied them together plus gave me new information I'd not only never heard about, but that never even had cross my radar. I guess weather vanes weren't enough of the scene in Florida,  and though we sure had lightning and plenty of it, I don't remember lightning rods either. Oh joy, living and learning!
Have a tip-top Tuesday! Do something tropical. 

Congrats, Terrie, on finishing your race!


  1. I "liked" Zaco's FB page without knowing anything about it...which building? Who's opening it?

  2. When you are coming DOWN the hill from Superette Mayra's, it is the orange building to the right. Or, walk straight down the street from the ferry, keep on going 'til you get to the orange building (it's not really orange, but you'll get the idea).
    It's Zach, of course! Of Zach, Monika and Olivia. Oh, and that Mamacita place too...and grillin' in the street...and...well, that's as far back as I go!