Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Stew

It might reach 60 today! Holy socks! And by the way, if anyone is flying home from San Juan and needs a rider after 12 noon on Wednesday, let me know! Things I think about when I have turned off the electric blanket.

The other day Lorriane and I drove to Chester, where the National Theater of the Deaf was once located. I didn't know about the once located part...mainly I wanted Larraine to see the beautiful building my Uncle Irving had donated to NTD. Well, no NTD! and weirdly enough (or only weird to me), NO one we asked had a phone book. I felt like I was asking for a crank to start up the car.

"Hi, do you happen to know if NTD is still located here?"
 "Nnnnooooooo...I've never heard of them."

"Oh, thanks, well do you have a phonebook?"

"A phonebook...hmmm. Sure, there must be a phone book."

"tap tap tap"

"No, sorry, no phonebook...I was sure there was a phonebook..."

That happened at least five times. Finally, a man told us that NTD had moved to Hartford over ten years ago (I'd last been up there over 20 years ago) and that the building was now an historical museum, right around the corner from where we stood! Very cool. And a little sad. I wondered what happened to the sign...

The front of what is now the Museum at the Mill

The back...and why it was once a mill!

The mill pond before the falls
All of that led to, Hmmm, wonder what happened to David Hays and his wife Lenora? He was the director of the theater and they were wonderfully welcoming when I came into Chester one day asking for a look-see, letting me sit in on a rehearsal and then taking me home, giving me this amazing guest house to stay in, that I remembered like a dream house. I was describing it for Larraine, hoping I wasn't gilding the lily too much, while we asked again for information. At last there was a realtor who said, "Yes, I know David. Yes, his house is right around the corner (the OTHER corner, the OTHER way, Chester isn't real big. Charming and small). But he might not live there anymore and Lenora died years ago."

Onward and around the corner we went. And there it was. The house. The barn/guest house. Somewhat remodeled in the front and the kitchen changed but the rock back wall, part of the actual real world (whitewashed now) was there. The tree stair rail was there. We didn't get to go inside (the very nice girl with her very beautiful baby iwho answered the door were only renting from new owners) so I couldn't show Lorraine the upstairs shower with its tree corner post or the big loft bedroom, but it was enough. There really was this place and it was just as fantasy real as I remembered. This is my house, just in case anyone asks. It knows it. I know it. Now Lorraine knows it. How do I get it to Culebra?

There was no bed but rather couches and chairs (it looks like a holiday rental now)

The back wall was covered floor to ceiling with books...glorious books

There used to just be a regular, cool door, but it still is wonderful.
 So that was one adventure, completely unexpected. We didn't find David, but maybe another day.

We checked out a couple of quiet spots.

and a rushing river with the famous but rarely sighted Connecticut Monster just happening to be swimming by. It was coming in to shore but made a detour just before we would have hopped into the car.

Then we came home and I ticked off the hawk who flew from her nest protecting her eggs....

And then flew from this tree. And that's as much as I got. That day anyway. She is magnificent.

Last night we ate sushi at Singapore Sushi. They had a great menu, but of course, I went for sushi. The curry and the mango chicken and shrimp looked wonderful!

And now, back to work!

Have a serene Sunday. Do something sanative.

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