Friday, April 1, 2011


There will be no post update today. I'm in a hurry packing, because I was invited to fly by Lear jet to Estonia, to help get a new Island Woman cart opened up there by the Baltic Sea. Island Woman goes international!!!

I will add this photo, though, and send lots of well wishes to the couple from Minnesota who have taken Lil Culebra (Lil Culie) home with them! He is one of the lucky ones who has found his people and his forever home out of the 9 adorable puppies AWC is still caring for. Congratulations to all of you!!!


  1. Bad timing on my part. I rented Necker Island from Sir Richard and dispatched the Lady Barbaretta to collect you for a week of feast and frolic...

  2. Not a problem, Doug, I'll be back tomorrow! Lear jets are fast! Can't wait to see Dickie again, you're the best!