Thursday, March 31, 2011

Culebra this's and that's

First, the word is out, it's expected to be a busy h-word season! You might think it's early to be talking about storms, but the folks at NOAA don't, so you shouldn't either. This is the time to buy that extra gallon of water and a few cans of food each time you shop, to put away for your hurricane stash. The time to look for deals on batteries, check your gennie if you have one or maybe this is the year you can splurge for one. They won't be on sale if your area gets hit, I can promise you that. Taking care of these things now will have June 1 finding you with a strong smile and feeling like you've prepared for the worst, you can hope for the best and move into the season doing other,. more interesting things.

There is going to be a sale!! On Culebra, yes, really! For you who don't live here, we don't have sales often, the stores don't take coupons and there are no Blue Light specials, so we take our sales pretty seriously, and that includes yard sales. In almost nine years I've seen less than five of those. For a former Garage Sailin' Queen, that was a rough one to give up!

On Island is having a Sale!

50% off of EVERYTHING in the store

Starting NOW!
(and going until it's time to stop, which won't be too long)
Come by and stock up on goodies for yourself and
presents for birthdays and other present giving events
And finally, sometimes the beauty of Culebra is so intense, so vibrant it feels like being slammed in chest with a sledgehammer  (but I did say vibrant, not violent). And other times it is as subtle as a whisper that you have to really listen for. Sunset last night was a whisper. And sometimes that is just fine.

“The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart” Helen Keller 

Have a tricked out Thursday! Do something tantalizing.

and p.s. We still have 9 puppies that need homes! They are soooooooooo cute, Lab mix and they are going to be gorgeous. Along with Sonny and Bella. And some cats. So, don't forget that! If you can't adopt, maybe you can donate, to help defray the cost of feeding and vetting all these critters.

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