Tuesday, March 8, 2011


That is not a pirate call, that is the way I sound when I talk right now. So that is why I'm not at the cart, sorry! I rarely make excuses for not being at the cart but I'm expecting two young  people from Florida (kids of acquaintances) who will be looking for me. So if you run into two young people asking for me, please tell them I'm home sick and treat them well, por favor!

Here are some calendar items for you. The first is about Michael's birthday. The OTHER Michael G, not Michael Gifford (with the beard). You can wear your poodle skirts if you have them (Gifford, that includes you).

  Michael’s 60th Birthday

Dance Party

Saturday March12
At the
Library Pavilion
BYO and a snack
This next one is more serious, even though I'm not exactly sure what it means. But if you need info about any of these things, I'd be at the muilti-use center the 18th. That is the building on the street next to the Catholic church, going up to the clinic, but right before the clinic.  Got it? Got it.
I've been wanting to post this for ages but it seems there is always something else that comes along. Now momentarily out of action, it's time! I posted some photos before but I'm so into this and hoping someone knows more about it. Here you go!

And the best one, though a completely different thing, is this video. I can't find anything else about it except that it was made in Colorado in the 70's [note: wrong info!]. That's not exactly ancient history. If you know anything about them, let me know, please! 

And what, you might be asking, does this have to do with Culebra? Well, they are examples of other fine tiny things, of course!

p.s. This just in (sigh): Well, maybe there is one in someone's barn...

Harmon Industries in Warrensburg, MO actually produced these campers for a couple of years and they were a lot nicer than the one in the video. My dad worked for the company and we owned one around 1973-74, we pulled it with a Toyota Celica. The 70's oil embargo doomed the RV industry at that time. Harmon industries quit manufacturing them and concentrated on its Railroad Electronics division. My dad worked for them for 37 years. Harmon Industries was bought by GE around 2002.

Have a Fat Tuesday! It's Mardi Gras!


  1. Seriously, seriously bummed that we are missing all the Pisces birthdays this year. Happy Birthday Mike G.!!! Sorry that we couldn't be there to celebrate with you and all the other Marchies! Airfare is TERRIBLE this year, and Lewis' new job is proving to be quite brutal.

  2. Sorry you won't be here. Yes, airfares are in the midst of skyrocketing...hoping they will go down before I start looking westward later in the year. And..brutal is NOT the word I was hoping to hear in asking how Lewis' new job is going. Ouch!