Sunday, March 20, 2011

An absolutely Full Moon event...leading to Spring!

I'm not saying I blame everything on the moon, but I am thinking about blaming it for the fact that all my plans went awry in the most wonderful directions yesterday and last night. It was a fine path from Dinghy Dock to the Sandbar, to Bahia Marina to Dingy Dock and the Sandbar. Yes, one of those nights, but without being stupid. Silly, yes. Stupid, no (stupid is a story my brother just told me. He was driving down A1A - Florida - this morning on his way to go kayaking, when he had to go around a car that had obviously rolled out of the owner's driveway and was sitting in the middle of A1A...that's stupid, just so you know the difference).

I think the small plate of fried pork I had at Dinghy Dock helped. Yes, fried pork. Mike had ordered some and gave me a taste and...sometimes you just have to say yes to fried pork. I'm glad I did!

We headed to Bahia Marina thinking the view of the moon rise might be good there. But it was actually on the way there that La Luna came over the hills. I saw about 1/4 of it and we stopped to get a the time I got around the car, it had already cleared the horizon! Super Fast Super Moon!

Ok, I'll just get this out of the way right now. I didn't think the moon looked any bigger than any other wonderfully full moon. In fact, I agreed with Francie that the moon in January looked bigger. But it was still very bright and very beautiful.

After a good time at the Shipwreck bar, harassing and being harassed by Kevin, we headed back toward town. To go home? Noooooooooooooooo.  We did stop on the way though, to see the moon on the water (there was no moon to see at Bahia; it was hiding behind a hill)

The moon was so bright, I just went for the clouds and water....
Dinghy Dock was still open! The Sandbar called! We answered. As many already know (and if you don't know, you will now) Juanita Bananas is now operating out of what is now (this week) called the Sandbar, under Hotel Kokomo. Being a sushi lover but also being one with shallow pockets, I rarely indulge in what is my favorite food in the world. But last night I could not and did not resist when I saw that Jennifer had escolar (called white tuna, isn't tuna, a lesson for another day). I'm a pretty simple sushi/sashimi eater and tuna is my favorite fish. But I put escolar right up there with it. It is just so rich, you can't eat much of it. So with a beautiful plate livened with slender slices of was escolar heaven for awhile there. The last time I had it (if you can find it, not always easy) was in the states and this was just as perfectly delectable as I remembered. Thanks, Jennifer!

All in all, a fun afternoon and evening, spent with friends and a Super Moon. Some days and nights just happen like that here on Culebra. We are so lucky! It was also great to spend some time with Dick and Joyce before they take off early this week. I'll miss Dick askng me if this is the way to FaJardo as he putt putts by in his Model you, guy!

Which brings us to today...the vernal equinox! What is the vernal equinox? The simple answer is, it is the beginning of Spring (or...autumn if you live in the southern hemisphere, but I don't, so it's all about Spring to me)! Renewal, birth, rebirth. The irresistible calling of Nature, waking up her slumbering flora and fauna from winter (where there is that sort of winter). Wake up! Gosh, you look beautiful! Let's make some more of us! Like that. The more complex answer you can find here.

Leave it to the pagans and Christians to get the holidays all wacky, but you can rest assured that from all things wild and pagan, the Christians got to work and took as their own. The Goddess Ostara is no exception. The first drawing shows her being worshipped...the second, not so much. But she does look rather familiar, doesn't she.....

(left side) Ostara (1884) by Johannes Gehrts. The goddess flies through the heavens surrounded by Roman-inspired putti, beams of light, and animals. Germanic people look up at the goddess from the realm below.
(right side) E├ístre (1909) by Jacques Reich. Directly derived from Gehrts' image (above), with the Germanic worshipers replaced by a picturesque landscape. - souce: Wikipedia

Another season behind us. Another begins now. Join in the dance!

Have a Springy Sunday! Do something sprightly.


  1. As a lapsed Christian and devoted pagan, can I relate how excited I am to be packing my kayak for a little 7 mile jaunt on Huzzah Creek to worship the crocus and pulmonaria peeking from the banks? .77 degrees this pm, and yes, we're packing sunscreen.

    Last night's rain hid the super moon, but it'll have the Huzzah ripping, so frequent sandbar (little s) visits will be necessary to prolong the joy.

    Jonny, I hope yours is as awesome. Maybe we'll have a second shot at the supahmoon tonight.

  2. Sounds like you are having a great time as I type! The weather sounds glorious, as does the scenery. No doubt you'll spy some good birds as well.

    Awaiting reports!

  3. Nesting Canada geese (ill-tempered miscreants), several hunting pairs of red-tails, Louisiana water thrushes, various LGBs, and a pileated woodpecker. The larger birds were frolicking in the stiff breezes. 6 mph current made for a short float.

  4. Various LGBs? Large Grey Birds? Lesbian Gay Birds? Lost Ghost Birds?

    Sounds like you saw a lot for a short float! Thanks for checking back in.

  5. Little grey birds, i.e., difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. However, I'm pretty sure the one pair had lesbian tendencies.