Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy Birthday, Elijah! Happy Birthday to you!!!

~~~Happy Birthday, Elijah!!!!~~~

I'm not exactly sure how I feel that my youngest child is now 32 years old. My age, right? Strange and wonderful. What I am very sure about is that the man he has become fills my heart with joy, over and over again. 

I love where he lives. I love how he lives. Most of all, I love who he is. I love that we laugh about the same things, gasp at the same wonders, care deeply about the same issues. That we can hang out with each other for days and I don't get the feeling he wants to move me down the road. I love that we love the land and we love the sea. Passionately. And that he can surprise me all of the time. 'You play the mandolin! Well!  You built/painted/created that? Oh wow....'

I love that he lives a life that made it possible for us to cook dinners like this, all from seeds he planted, the long, long rows that he tends, rows that we worked in together (ok, I got the fun and easy part...walking down those long rows of goodies, picking and choosing at my leisure pleasure - I think I weeded 20 minutes one day, he wouldn't let me do more). 

I love how much he loves his dogs. Hey, I love how much he loves me!  I think we're on a different ways. That's not a bad thing (if you happen to be a dog person, you'll get that).

I might be in the center of the photo, but I wasn't on stage alone!
So happy birthday, Lij. I hope, deeply hope, that this is the very best year of your life. And I'm excited to get back out there, out where the land and the sea are so very different from mine, to see you and play again. This time, I'm bringing some of those cool rocks home! And maybe we'll walk some of the Lost Coast...not lost at all.



Have a Fantastic Friday! Do something way big FUN!

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