Saturday, March 5, 2011

Catmospheric interruption

This is going to be a very quick post, as until a few minutes ago, I thought I was offline, but really, it was the cat sprawled over the modem because it is warm and cozy. Sorry, CWIM, move it!

So, being offline yesterday was good, though I was not as kind as I'd like to think I could be. I did get some things done I have avoided, like going through a few drawers full of junk papers that unexpectedly yielded some treasures.

This is one of them. A poem my son wrote when he was nine. He hasn't been nine for a long time, but his heart is still


Amazing gazing at the rising sun, 
the Glory of the day.
Amazing gazing at the kids at play, 
the way they run so fast.
Amazing gazing at the things in the past
that you’d like to have right now
Amazing gazing at the subtle cow
chewing on her cud.
Amazing gazing at the sun shining on the tiny bud 
getting ready to grow.
Amazing gazing at the small little fly
ready to steal the show
Amazing gazing at the great archer 
shooting the arrow.

Elijah 2/88 

Along with a couple of photos that I put 'away' to fall out sometime. One is me when I was about 5, in a...what the hell were they thinking  charming jesters top and jeans. I still wear my hair the same way. God, I really look like an orphan, and there is no one to ask WHY?
The other is my father and his two sisters with their dogs, somewhere on the water. I love this photo!!! Yin and yang...again.

Have a sassy Saturday! Do something striking. 

p.s. Karen, have a GREAT trip! Eat a ton of tapas and drink a few gallons of honest wine for us, por favor. Love you, girl!

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