Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday double post! For Bella and Sonny

(Oh, don't think you're getting off Earth Hour by saying you only read THIS post!)

This post is for Bella and Sonny, who need to find their people and forever homes! Thank you Elena Jahn!!

Bella and Sonny,  2 Months after rescue.

They came to me just skin and bones, starving and  near death!   Please Pass these on to anyone you think  who may be interested in adopting one or both of these lovely animals.  They are obedient, playful, loving and friendly dogs, needing homes soon.  Shipping  will be paid by the Culebra Animal Rescue Group, and they have had all vaccinations and been neutered.  Sonny,  about 1 year old, son of Bella,  about 3 years old.
Sonny,  very sweet and special dog.

Bella, affectionate,loving and friendly.

Bella and Sonny, great dogs and ready for adoption, playful and happy.

 Contact AWC or me if you have a home to share!!!


  1. Are there supposed to be pictures of the dogs? I have already adopted 2 strays. I swear they know I saved them and they are loyal, loving and the absolute joy in my life. Here's hoping these two find good homes.

  2. There are photos here in the post, if you are not seeing them, I'm not sure why! Try waiting a minute maybe? And thank you for those adoptions!!!