Monday, March 7, 2011

More or less is more...or not

I've never been good at being delicate, well, except in touching babies, but that's about it. Which is why I didn't become a surgeon, just so you know. Big, sloppy stitches just aren't appreciated in surgery. I know this. I'm the same with gardening. I could never place just two seeds in a hill, that would be too easy. Let the best seed win, I say! Of course, sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn't.  The only problem with this system is that I hate killing off the weak ones...I'm such a wuss.

After planting seeds when I got back from the States last fall and watching them all get eaten, just as they were starting to look like their own selves, by iguanas and chickens, I decided to get an extremely inexpensive mini-greenhouse to start out some seeds. Maybe, I was hoping, this would let the plants get to a healthy, hearty size and when I transplant them, they will be too big for easy munching by critters. Yes, of course I could fence off the area...but where is the challenge then? Hmmm??? Right now the lettuce and tomatoes are winning, though I see the start of some chives. I'll keep you posted.

Yesterday had some flukey weather but the sun prevailed. For a while, we were sure we'd get some much needed rain, but it seems it was all over the water, not the land. Ah well. Yes, this is from a place I was working. Life is tough sometimes, yes it is. But it doesn't have to be tough on the eyes, does it?

Today I'll be home because something has decided to take possession of my throat and I think I need to let it move on out at a restful pace with a lot of tea and juice and books. I am very, very rarely not healthy and one thing I don't want to do is something that makes my teeth cringe - sharing a bug. I like sharing, but I'll keep my bug home and hope you will as well!

If you can't have Caribbean blues, there is always the country, if you aren't already there. Take that 'something worth remembering'...

Have a mellow Monday. Do something mindless.


  1. Dang. Get well soon, MJ.

  2. Thanks, Doug. I am moving toward the mend! Either that or the spicy things I'm eating / drinking are working really well at numbing my throat!

  3. Hope you feel better soon MJ. Miss ya.