Wednesday, March 2, 2011

St. David's Day!! Patron saint of W(h)ales

Cargo ferry has a theater, who knew??
Because I am an idiot, when I heard that yesterday was St. David's Day, and that he is the patron saint of Wales, and because I was on the ferry and wanted to see a whale, and because, did I mention, that I'm an idiot, I took it to mean, patron saint of whales. No wonder Web looked at me with a bit of a bemused expression when I gleefully expressed my surety that this meant we'd absolutely see a whale on the trip over.

Well. St. David must have been amused, because sure as hell oh heavenly days, we DID see a whale...well, at least the tail. And lots and lots of spray from blowing. So, Rosemary and Web, I might be a bit tetch'd in the head but the universe lets some of us get away with it from time to time. See you next year! Not in Wales, though.

I really had no business going to San Juan with Larraine, with no other purpose in mind but play, but must go with it. I did and it was good. I don't have photos of the museum gardens (except on Lorraine's camera) but hopefully we'll do that exchange and I can add them later. We spent a good amount of wandering time in the Museum of Art and a few pieces and painters managed to snag my serious attention. I almost bought a poster of my favorite painting, but on thinking about it and looking at the painting again, I realized I'd rather keep the original in my head. It has a gold leaf on it that can't be replicated, even though the poster was really good.

Artist: Angel Botello Barros
Name: Flora de Puerto Rico (1946)

All of that gold really is gold and it works, utterly perfectly. There are rays coming out of the compass rose, but only as slightly deep engraved lines going through the painting. There is so much in it (you can't tell in this but those little spots around the island are fish and sea horses and crabs and more), and yet, a simple thing. Even though Culebra isn't in the painting, it certainly is.
I'd love to get  to more museums in San Juan...

We did get to a place I've been wanting to go for years now, La Casita Blanca. Ever since meeting Jesus, the owner's son, at the cart and talking hot sauce and food and restaurants, I've wanted to check this one out. It sounded like something good; a long time family owned place that ALSO makes their own hot sauce! Finally, being on a trip with nothing to do but play, we got there, thanks to Miss Moneypenny (the GPS on British English setting). Well worth the extra ten bucks on a rental car if you are trying to find places in San Juan (even though at one point she made me, the navigator, a wee bit crazy(er) and I had to throttle her a few times). Bottom line? I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!! The food was great - we had the fricasee'd veal, pastalon and picadillo criollo - the house sangria delicious, the after meal complimentary anisette a lovely surprise, ambiance fantastico! And the servers were awesome too. Unfortunately, Jesus was not there (well, there was a Jesus there but that was a different one)...maybe next time!

After that meal, a walk was required so we went around Old San Juan (about 4 minutes away, according to Miss Moneypenny). I was trying to find a certain shop and was completely turned around (this surprises you? no, of course it doesn't), but eventually found it...not what it used to be. So on we went, peeking into half open doorways and sliding in to gaze in rapt wonder at the hidden parts. Wow. All too quickly done, but wonderful nonetheless. Thank you, Lorraine, for getting me to see San Juan with surprises of new and the good friend of old.

Yes, I'm a total tourist

Great hotel here...Da House!  Walking distance for everything OSJ

I love this place, whatever it is (sorry for trespassing...not really)

I couldn't fit this ceiling in my backpack.

A rainbow on the way home...of course!

Ah, back again! note to Air Flamenco, wash the windows, por favor! Great landing, by the way!

And now back to the every day never the same what will happen next home again home again. Life is good, even with a few humiliations in learning as I go. St. David's Day indeed!

Have a wending Wednesday. Do something wright.

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  1. We all have to multi-task and take on extra work these days - it seems reasonable to me that St. David be responsible for both Wales and whales! So happy you had a day to play. Love the art and the restaurant looks like a place I need to put on my list.