Sunday, March 27, 2011

Overstimulated on Culebra?

No, no it's just me who feels oh joy overstimulated, not the whole island. I think it is living a life where going out two nights in a row approaches a social whirl.. Add in high gladness at seeing an old friend. With an imperfect but mostly ever so good personal life, contrasting vividly to the world news. Or maybe it's just Sunday morning and I'm missing the New York Times Sunday home delivery, but that's about all. Life is good. Have I mentioned that?

Good morning, Culebra!

Chatting via facebook with one of the smarter young people I know (younger than me, anyway), combined with things that interest me coming along in emails, it seems so very obvious that a mindset of simplicity (not of the self flagellating hair shirts and gruel sort) could solve so many of our social, governmental and world wide issues. 

Yes, that sounds simplistic, doesn't it? I mean, how much of the world lives in involuntary simplicity already, MJ? I know. But it seems to me the troubles come piling when, as in Bhutan, the central philosophy and actual written tenet of their country, GNH, or Gross National Happiness, that kept them considered a model for Shangri-la, changed swiftly after the introduction of television in 1999. Debate forever about enforced innocence if you like, but there is something cherishable about considering happiness first without the trappings that more 'civilized' Western culture deems so necessary. And when I read about Bhutan today, scarcely two decades later, it is painful, and from a sociological viewpoint, stunning. 

I think this couple have it right, making ideals reality

Yes, random Sunday morning musings on only one cup of tea. There better be a Sunday paper delivery this morning, I NEED those crosswords! 

Have a saturated Sunday! Do something swimmingly. 

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