Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The flip side of Paradox

Sighing here, because I hate making posts like this's like anything you love, sometimes you just have to say, ok, here's an aspect that needs some work. And this is one, for sure.

People usually want to do the right thing, and try, but everyone and everything has to be working together! Here's the deal with recycling on Culebra, as far as I know. No glass anymore. Paper and plastic and tin only. Separated. Neatly boxed or bagged, flattened or tied together; you'll see why in a second.

That's our part.

The municipality's part is to provide enough bins for people to use. Right now, these are the only public bins to use (located on the road to the DRN building at the top of the hill past the graveyard - unfortunately, you can't miss it) and obviously, they aren't enough or aren't being emptied enough. Also, the design makes them very hard to use (and it doesn't help when the back end can be left open for things to fall out). Maybe we should scrap these and get some better ones. I bet some of that federal $ could be used for that...just guessing.

So if you are a recycler, bless you! Please try to stomp on those plastic bottles and put them in something so they don't roll/blow away. Filling up the valley with plastic bottles is not the goal you set out for, I know!

And to the municipality workers. I know it's a thankless job most of the time, but we need your help to do this right. Thank you!!

Recycling whelk shells? Huh?

Have a well-done Wednesday. Do something the whole way.


  1. Crusading, investigative reporter hat in place, I see. Bravo.

    One trick I use for plastic bottles is, with the cap off, squeeze all the air out and replace the cap. They take up less space and are irregular so not easily blown away.

    Question for decision makers: what happens to the glass?

  2. Good tip, Doug. As for glass...dunno, call the alcadia and no, I can't find a # for you! I tried, but it looks like a cell phone number and...that's just weird. I'll ask a bit in town today.

    and no, not exactly crusader investigative reporting, more like - went to drop off some recycled stuff, saw that and thought, oh shit...I can't not take photos and talk/write about this even if I'd really rather not...gimme them butterflies and bunny rabbits (or dragon flies and iguanas in our case...)