Saturday, March 26, 2011

Earth Hour!

How on Earth did it get to be the date of Earth Hour again so quickly?? Well, 365 days went by we are. The theme this year is about going beyond the hour, with a simple question. What will you do? 

I have no one thing picked out at the moment. I've been trying to stay away from single use water bottles, succeeding more than not. But I'm still buying gallon water bottles, so I'm not sure how well I'm balancing out. Maybe that will be next. Remembering to just bring my water with me, hey, how difficult can it be? Difficult! Trust me on this one. I'm workin' on it.

Videos like this always make me cry. I think my friends would gently infer 
it is because I'm a sappy person. I think they might be right. That's ok.

Speaking of sappy (well, I didn't cry but my cheeks do hurt from smiling a whole lot), yesterday was a great day for a lot of reasons. I woke up, numero uno. My brother made it safe and sound to North Carolina. And Linda came back for a visit. If you don't know Linda, well, let's just say, everyone should have a Linda in their lives. Except when they move away, to oh, some place like MICHIGAN, it leaves a big Linda shaped place waiting to be re-filled on return (this is not a recycling message, really - there is no price on a returned Linda). Anyway, she's back for awhile.  A good time for friends to gather and laugh and catch up on stories. And make up stories. And laugh some more. So we did.

 We lost a few on the walk over to Susie's but there were still plenty to play!
Francie, Jacinto, Rebecca, Linda, Vilma, Judy, Gonzolo, Ann
Then Gonzolo learned how to use my camera!

So we grabbed a few more people who were trying to work
(thanks, y'all!)
Susie, Vilma, Francie, Rebecca, MJ, Linda, Judy, Kate, Ann
Then, somehow, the rest of the photos have Vilma front and center. It must be that love thing. I have a feeling Gongi takes a lot of photos of Vilma. She is pretty beautiful (on the inside too, which is why we all love her). A lot of happy hearts. We're so glad to see you, Linda!!!

On my way home, I stopped by Dinghy Dock because I could hear Wiki Sound Machine playing and since I'm rarely out that late at night, and I haven't heard them play in a long time, I thought I'd go listen for a minute. They were tearin' it up! A few minutes of way big fun. More way big fun.

All of these guys have THE best smiles!

I got a ride and it was all good until we got pulled over by the police in the parking lot of Happy Landings. (pretty much everyone was getting pulled over, it was no big deal, I LIKE seeing police there!) But we didn't have the cars papers...oops! so with a bit of explanation (borrowed car, getting a ride, driver is crazy, late, not worth your time) they said, smiling and shaking their heads,'Get in the car and get your ride home, Shooo! Go on!' Gracias! 

Just another night on Culebra...

Tonight. 8:30. Spare an hour for the Earth you live and breathe on. Turn the lights off. Turn your eyes on. Go beyond the's YOUR Earth! Keep it tidy, por favor.

Have a spectacular Saturday! Do something silently.


  1. You look absolutely radiant, Mary Jo. I hope you are every bit as happy as you look. Keep living your dreams - you deserve every blessing!

  2. Thanks, anonymous calling-me-by-full-name-so-I-can guess-who-IS-this! Don't know about deserve but I do have a lot of grace in my life...and was especially happy last night with dear, good friends. I'm very fortunate!

  3. Just a "not so secret" admirer from another time wishing you (and yours) the very, very best.

  4. Thank you, and best of hopes and wishes to you and yours as well!