Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's a great big beautiful world, Culebra!

Clouds and sun vied yesterday, teasing rain that never showed up on land, and keeping the weather cool and breezy yesterday. I can live with that. Really well. 

Clouds and sun
Planted beauty gone wild and beautiful. Thinking of you, Filippo!
You might get tired of seeing Sail Rock. I never do.

These flowers literally slapped me in the face.  Everyone's a star....

Another very nice thing  going on yesterday, well, obviously going on for awhile now, is the road repair happening on the way to Playa Soni/Zoni (choose your spelling, I prefer Zoni, even though it's most likely wrong!). I don't know about you, but that spot where the road was broken off scared the crap out of me. I'm on the passenger side 98% of the time I make that trip and it never feels good to go over that area.  There's a reason for that, beyond plain common sense.

When I was very, very young, my family lived in New Mexico for a brief time. I  have an extemely vivid memory of a holiday, driving up in the mountains, on narrow roads with big drop offs. At one point, the door to the vehicle flew open and my sister was half falling out, her foot dragging on the road (pre-seat belts, four little kids, not entirely latched door - or, knowing my sister, she might have decided to step out for a minute) while my father slowed and stopped. I knew then, at 4 years old, I never wanted to be a doctor. It's one of those memories that doesn't come around much, until you are confronted with what feels like a similar situation. Like that spot on the road to Zoni. Well, guess what, memory banks? You can shut that one back up in the vault very soon now!!

Have a tremendous Tuesday! Do something thankfully.


  1. Oh yes, I am glad they are fixing that awful road. I would have stopped and turned around if my friend hadn't been driving over it for years.

  2. Yes, those who use it all the time are on my 'brave crazy person' list!

  3. Great news about the Zoni Road!

  4. Very great news. And I hope everyone who goes by gives these guys a big thumbs up and a gracias!

  5. I'll take the contrary view and say that, like Culebra itself, the rigors of getting there contribute to its uncrowded nature.

    You shoulda seen the road in _________. For me, it was 1994 or 5. There were stretches of rutted, unpaved dirt, and the area being repaired was not passable without 4wd. BTW, in that same timeframe, we used to drive to Carlos Rosario.

  6. Doug, I hear you, and if it was just a rough ride, then leave it unpaved. But this was dangerous and that isn't nearly the same as difficult! We could go back to when no one came here at all and how beautiful it was for the Culebrense...and truthfully, I think of that, fairly often. But now is now and we try to conserve as much as possible, while still being selfish enough to love being here!

  7. Beautiful pictures ! Thanks