Thursday, March 24, 2011

As Culebra Turns (in my world)

A couple of days ago I went with some friends to look at the land they purchased, to one day build a home upon. Something simple, something small. I mean, look at this view! Why gild the lily?

Being my graceful self, I tripped over an awkwardly cut little tree stump, cut to clear a path through the property; one of those four inch high, grass covered V shaped ones. Naturally, I gashed the front of my leg because it is important to have war wounds from these off road adventures. After a few glasses of champagne and some accompanying nibble bits to celebrate the purchase, I sort of felt less pain and the blood had stopped leaking out of me. But I did have a good time, really! How could I not, with good friends and sky painting over the sea as the sun closed out the day?

Yesterday I got an unexpected bonus of getting my little dock fixed while another floating dock was being improved. It has been broken and not repaired by someone who uses it, making it unsound and dangerous. I was slowly getting around to fixing it, but instead, the Universe sent me two guys who fixed it just fine. My lack of grace will not be a tippy issue any more, for me or anyone else who isn't always well balanced (which is pretty much everyone I know). Thanks, Knot Tying Guy and Drill Guy! Much appreciation!

A new batch of hot sauce made (Bajan, just so you know!), some herbs from D's Garden Center  awaiting planting (she has lots now! Rosemary, mint, basil, marjoram, parsley, cilantro, anise and a few I'm not sure about), a shelf put up. Nope, no photo of the shelf!

Some wonder in my wander. Life is simple and good. works for me!

p.s. Congratulations to my brother, who will be making his first trip back to North Carolina since his fall last summer! Have a blast, bro...and...stay off of ladders for now. I'd hate to have to break your other leg. Love, Your Big Sis


  1. Thought I recognized those Crocs. Good 'ol Walt. Always dependable for help.

  2. We do have what seems more than our fair share of really exceptional people. He is definitely one of them!

  3. I see Jon sent a ballata Titlist. Just in time for the "Hot Sauce Open" tourney at El Conquistador, yes?

    Here's wishing you a couple days of gentle soaker rains to green up the foliage and cool down the fire hazard.

  4. Ah, this should be on the other post, but yes, just in time!!!

    Thanks, we do need some rain. Gentle soakers preferred!