Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hawks and swans and workin', oh my!

Zorra saying, Come home soon!
I'm on a mission here. To work as much and see as much as possible, without sweating or freezing too much at either one. So yesterday, after work, Jim and I did a drive about of the very charming town of Stonington, where the last fishing fleet in the state ties up to, yes, more stone walls. The big deal around here is scallops, those big ones, which I haven't had yet but will, without a doubt.

What I have had is venison meatloaf and last night, rabbit stew. Both delicious, both from the woods around here. Rabbit stew sounds boring, perhaps but braised in the style of a coq au vin (this recipe is one of many, but it's from a woman who came to Culebra with her family and loves it, and she's funny, so I'm sharing it. Hi, Kim!) It didn't have the bacon, but there is bacon in the fridge that comes from the pig that was raised on the farm that I'm staying on!

The swans put on a show, which we notice as we walk from one area of the house to another (well, except the basement, where I sorted through clothes and shoes that would make a cabaret singer shiver with envy and sob with frustration, as most of them were unsavable. Alas.

Lorraine did make a little something to reflect our thinking on the ghostly ex-inhabitant, however... 

And onward...heading to another day in Connecticut! But here's the last one. I tried to get the hawk Jim pointed out to me, but I was too slow. You know how I affect least swans are slower!

Bad pic of swan on the nest

Acting swan-like

Pre-dinner fire. Thanks, Jim!!!

Annie at the table with our beautiful and delicious dinner

An ad from 1937 for something or other...

Have a tempting Thursday! Do something totally.

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