Monday, April 4, 2011

Goin' to the country, sunshine smile down on me...por favor

First, some great news! Sonny and Bella, the mother and son dogs who were rescued from starvation, have been adopted! Even better, they are going to be together in their new forever home. Thank you, caring hearts! Also, either 3 or 4 (one couple are still in decision mode) of the puppies will be heading to their new people as well! If there is a prize in Puppy Heaven for pushing puppies into hearts and homes, Ann wins the prize for this week, and it's only Monday!!! There are still puppies waiting for their people, so check out the web site to keep updated (and maybe decide you need a new family member!)

For all who have been working so hard, from those who buy t-shirts and donate money for the work, to the feeders, cleaner-uppers (a truly thankless job), to the people who help shepherd the pups and kitties from Culebra to vets and airports, to the fosterers who let themselves fall in love to only say a glad and sad farewell to their charges and to those who open their lives to rescued satos and cats, huge thanks beyond words from all of us who see this happen every day here on Culebra. And from the animals, who only have our voices to speak for them.

From that to cheese, glorious cheese. No, I'm not going to Wisconsin. But I did find this site that sells what looks like (I'll order when I get back) some great cheeses and other Amish goodness. It looked good enough to share. Check it out!

And I'm off (well, this afternoon) to the states, the state of Connecticut to be exact. Where this morning it is 42 degrees - a nice uptick from 32 the other day. Though this morning it was 72 here and I was rather chilly. 72 in April! The days are getting hot here, but the morning s and evenings are still sublime. In the wee hours we had a nice slamming bit of rain as well, much needed. I did think of boaters scrambling, surprised, for hatches. Hope no one got too wet.

I've never been to this part of Connecticut, close to Mystic, but in the country, so as a much slowed down traveler, my curiosity is perked and I'm ready to see some place new in between getting some work done. Yes, of course I'll be taking pictures and blogging from there. It's not that far out in the country! Thanks to T and F for taking care of CWIM while I'm away and to the others who watch over my humble casita. Back soon!

Have a moving Monday! Do something major!

One of my favorite Bruce Cockburn songs...(that's Ko-burn, so you know)


  1. Well I hope there is some spring there, because that would be fun to see. I'm farther north than CT, and 42 degrees sounds wonderful...although 72 sounds like heaven. Enjoy your trip!

  2. I am!! A bit chilly but once I get working, it's about 82. More green every day though!